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Wheelchair Tennis: Commentary

November 8, 2019

Just like for able-bodied tennis, the wheelchair players need to set-up for their shots. They can’t just sit there and let the ball come to them. It has to be constant movement in order for their shots to be consistent and also effective. Player 2 does this pretty well. He moves very well in his chair. Gets ready for his shots – even though I don’t like that particular shot I like it when you drive out in the ball and not resort to just slices and chips… (but) to actually hit out maybe top spin for every ball out. It’s the same as in able-bodied tennis, with Player 1 receiving, he wants to be able to attack the serve. He moves in… Nice play! He gave Player 2 a nice little short low shot which posed a problem for Player 2 because they usually have to get to the ball.

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