White Light Festival: The Passion of Joan of Arc

October 2, 2019

Yeah I’m a movie buff. It’s a massively influential film.
How it looks that the people in it are amazing there’s some
incredible people in it. Their faces it’s almost like, to me
it seems like there’s the kind of characters that you get in a Fellini Film. It’s an incredibly inspirational,
that the shots and then it’s so innovative, very close up
enormous heads, um, um Joan of Arc weeping and that’s all
you see just her face without makeup as well incredible. Seeing silent films with a live score
is a really special experience, It’s really, it’s really potent. I saw “Pandora’s” box from the new
score, and I saw “Beggars of Life” I think it is from the new score. With Louise Brooks.
Fantastic! I really really enjoyed it. I don’t think we see enough
silent film with written live music. I think it’s um,
I think its a brilliant thing. I’d certainly like to see lots more. Both Will and I had things
that we wanted to do. I wanted to work with six electric
guitars and Will wanted to work with a choir, so we immediately–
and then later we both decided that we needed some brass
to give some power and you know, it evolved in that way. So I wanted to use different techniques. The kind of techniques I used on my guitar. With a bunch of people and
see what it sounded like, and also to have strangely tuned
guitars playing on mass. In a kind of more noise kind of way.

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