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WHO AM I? Episode 4 (Guess the Footballer Quiz Cartoon)

August 29, 2019

welcome to Who am I with clues ridden by the fans round one the easy round written by Kaufman I mean chicken master I have been in a 4/4 tunes advert I appeared for Man City Liverpool Celtic and Arsenal I was an invincible I’m a sent back I am known for a dance I have a brother three times as good as me Who am I cool look cool look oh look oh look oh look oh look oh look oh round two the medium round by Callum Gareth Macaulay Culkin I’m a former footballer and currently a manager I’ve managed teams in England and spin I managed a team for 11 years and got no silverware I’m going to relegate my new team I keep getting sacked who are I if you haven’t got me yet you’re a bastard I am div head Moyes who really needs a longer kilt round 3 the hard round by Marjorie shank of Vicks VapoRub I was born near the sea a lot of clubs were interested in me after my amazing performances in Euro 2016 I look good topless I scored a winning goal against Spain in Euro 2016 I’m an attacker foot into Milan Who am I I am even para sacar where is your amazing hairdo gone good one Ivan good one if you want your Kirk Ephesian Who am I remember to send it to four four tunes at with six clues and for a special for four Tunes 10% discount head over to classic football shirts top coat you care where you can get your hands on classic football shirts the link is in the description and enter for four Tunes at checkout for your 10% off happy shopping

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