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WHO KNOWS HACKER PZ9 BETTER? Girlfriend VS Boyfriend Wins 24 Hour Challenge to Reveal Vy’s Secrets

November 7, 2019

– Who knows me better? Spy ninjas,
– Yes, us! – Versus ex-hackers! – Hey!
– That’s us. That’s what we are, Regina. – But, we’re also spy ninjas. – Yes, and you’re all losers. Whoever knows me the least, they get an embarrassing photo leaked on their social media profile. I found it on Vy’s phone. (laughs) Hey, okay, no funny business! Whoever wins may have a
chance to win back Vy’s phone. – So what’s stopping
us four from teaming up and just taking that phone from you? – I found something crazy on this phone! I could just leak all the photos. – Vy doesn’t have anything
crazy on that phone, right Vy? – Yeah!
– No, I think we should play this game. It’s just too big of a risk. – Fine, fine, let’s go PZ9. – Yeah, on to the game! It’s all about me! What’s my favorite video game? (squeaking) – Everybody knows the
answer to this question, you big goon. Boblox. (laughing) One point for me, let’s move, round two. – Yes, we’ve played
Roblox a couple of times but that’s not my favorite. – PZ9, you know you’ve gotta lying, man. I know when people are
lying, most of the time. Everybody knows you play 24/7. – No, I’m too busy trying to be the best YouTuber there ever was. – You know what, PZ9? I know what your favorite game is. – What? – It’s Overwatch. (gasping) – Wow, how did you know? – I just know you the best, PZ9. So, you might as well just give
me my phone back right now. – No, that’s not how the game works. But, she’s right, I love Overwatch. (laughing) – Dang, Vy, how did you know that? – I’m not gonna tell
you right now, Daniel, but I think the spy ninjas at home know. – Nerds. – They’re not nerds. – Next round, Chad versus Regina. Who, if there is any, is
my favorite spy ninja? (gasping)
(squeaking) – It’s pretty obvious, PZ9. You’ve got the hots for
a certain spy ninja. And I think her name is formerly PZ4. Now it’s called, Regina! (laughing) – No, it’s not.
(buzzer sounds) – What?
– It’s not? – I’m offended! – She’s probably the worst spy
ninja, low-ranking spy ninja. (laughing) She can’t even play Roblox right. (squeaking)
(laughing) – Wait, she’s a top five
PZ member, you’re nine. (yelling) – I have an answer for you. Your favorite spy ninja is Chad, isn’t it? Because you’re jealous
of his spy ninja moves, ’cause they’re better than yours. (martial arts sounds) – (yells) Okay. Yes! (yelling)
– Yay! – Chad is the only adversary
to ever win against me. – I think Vy flipped you a
couple times, didn’t she? – Barely. Next question, who is
my favorite YouTuber? – Gosh, this is a tough one! – Daniel, maybe you should hack on PZ9’s YouTube or something. – I can at least see
what he’s liked recently. – Yeah, your–
– His most liked videos. – Okay, yeah, do that. – Yeah, let me see here. I almost wanna say T-series
’cause you’re a sellout. Oh! (squeaking)
– I got the answer. – What is it? I think your favorite YouTuber is Wengie. – Are you a Wengie-corn? Why do you think that’s his favorite? – I’ll tell ya, just tell
me if it’s right or not. – It’s not. – That’s definitely right, man! I hacked PZ9’s like history on YouTube. I can see all the videos
he’s given a thumbs up to, and the past 10 have been Wengie videos. Look, right here. Girls’ Problems That
Guys Don’t Understand. – You got some girl problems, PZ9? – [Regina] Would you care to explain? – How to Sneak in Class, by Wengie! – Whoa, that’s something you would do. – Yeah, she has interesting content. It’s just something I watch
but, she’s not my favorite. – I got it, boom.
(squeaking) Well, you see, you’ve got the largest ego of anybody I’ve ever met before, PZ9. You think pretty highly of yourself. So, I think your favorite YouTuber is PZ9 the Greatest Fighter. You think yourself
– as the greatest YouTuber! (gasping)
(laughing) (squeaking) – Whoa! – Well, yes!
(bell dinging) (all cheering) I’m the best fighter! – You have a ponytail? – More like, PZ9, the best ponytail! – Hey, I guess I really am a Wengie-corn. (laughing) – I don’t care what I watch on YouTube. – PZ9, I think you’re
a little too confident in your YouTubeing abilities and how many subscribers you have. Spy ninjas, we need to make sure that he does not pass Vy Qwaint. So, underneath this video, right now. Go down, turn the phone this
way, look underneath the video. If that subscribe button
is red, you gotta click it. Make it turn gray, make
sure it says, subscribed. And if the bell symbol is there, hit it. Make sure the bell’s ringing. Ding, ding!
– Ding, ding. – Next question. Hey ladies? – What? – What do you think is my
ideal version of a date? Yeah. (laughs) – Okay, stop laughing. Yeah, I did go on a date with you once. Remember, we had a picnic,
and then we got some takis, and you just complained the
whole time and yelled at me. (phone scrapping)
(yelling) – [Daniel] Oh dang! – [Regina] What’s he doing? – [Daniel] Uh oh. – I said no funny business, Vy! – What are you talking about, PZ9? – You tried to get your
phone back unfairly, before we even finished the game. – Just give me my phone back, PZ9. You stole it, just give it back. – Why don’t you just win the phone fairly, sit back down, and stop your lollygagging? (laughing)
(screaming) – You pushed me? Regina, hold my earrings! – Oh, gosh, girl, it’s okay! – No.
– Everyone, everyone. – Everybody, it’s just a
phone Vy, it’s just a phone. You’ve got nothing to fight over, we can get you a new phone, Vy. Just chill out, it’s
all good, it’s all good. Let’s just sit down and
play the game, it’s fine. – You want your phone that badly? – It’s just a phone. – Yes, it’s my phone, it’s my property! – We’ll win it back, we’ll win it back. – Okay fine, just give me my earring back. – You don’t need to break
an earring over this, okay? – Yeah, PZ9, sit back down. – As you were saying Regina
about our wonderful date. – I think I know what your ideal date is. A date with me. (laughing) – Is that right?
– Picnic? (laughing)
(snorting) – No, it’s not!
(buzzer sounding) – What?
– What are you talking about? You took her on a picnic date. – [Daniel] That’s a great type of date. – I was fresh out of the tunnels. I didn’t have any resources
to go on anything fantastic. That’s a poor man’s date,
it didn’t cost me anything. (laughing) – Great dates don’t need to cost anything. (squeaking) – She said it was a great date. – It didn’t cost you anything
but your dignity, PZ9. (chuckling) – What?
– Chad! – What, I’m just saying
he embarrassed himself. – Because he went on a date with me? – No, he made a fool of himself. Nothing to do with you, Regina. You did great, you did a good job. – I don’t know about Chad. (squeaking)
– You know what, PZ9? I saw you when we were at the
Hollywood Hills in California. You think you’re so fancy shmancy. So I think your perfect
date is something fancy. Five-star restaurant,
lobster, something like that? – In my previous questions, I think I said that Chad
was my favorite spy ninja. I think it’s Vy, ’cause she’s right! She knows me, with over
100,000 subscribers on YouTube, I can afford the finest luxuries. I will take my date to
the five-star restaurants, at the top of the most expensive hotel. I will get the finest sparkling water from the waterfalls of some foreign place. Yes and afterwards for dessert, I will fly her down south of the border, where we will enjoy the finest
honey-topped ice cream, yes. – Honey-topped ice cream? – And a bunch of gold foil shaved on top because I can afford it as a YouTuber. (laughing) You would like that, wouldn’t you, Regina? – Yeah, let’s go! (laughing) – Has Chad ever taken you on any of these fantastic YouTuber dates? (laughing)
– Chad? – That’s a YouTuber date now? – 100,000 subscribers, ballin’ out! – Didn’t Daniel and I
just tell you yesterday, you don’t get paid based on how many subscribers you have, PZ9. You don’t know anything
about YouTube, do you? – Next question, I’m done with this guy. – Who is my favorite idol? – Someone besides yourself, right? (growling) – Ah, it’s on the tip of my tongue. You were on a date with Regina once, and you said it! – Oh, yeah, yeah.
– You said it. Can I phone in a friend, PZ9? – First of all, you gotta
have friends to do that. (laughing) – I have a bunch of
friends, PZ9, more than you! (yelling) – Oh, I’m sorry. Here, Regina, come over here a sec. – [Regina] Okay, okay. – What was it, it’s like J-C. – It’s J-C, A-B-C-D, J-C-D or something. – George,
– Clooney? – George Clooney? George Clooney likes, – Maybe we’ll ask Vy, maybe she’ll know– – Oh, Vy, V! – [In Unison] J.C.V.D. – Justin, Chad, Vy, Daniel!
– No. – My answer is J.C.V.D. – (laughs) It’s not J.C.V.D. (squeaking) – I, too, am going to
phone in a friend, here. Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep. Hey, Vy, can you come here? – Yes, Chad? – I think you know something about PZ9. – I do, oh, you hung up on me. – Oh, I’m sorry, babe, I’m back. – When I was on the
Hollywood Walk of Fame, – You have a star on the Walk of Fame? – No, not yet, but in
two years I think so! – Cool. – I saw PZ9 took a picture with a star. – Okay, who was it?
– It was Bruce Lee. (yelling) – I vote Bruce Lee! (martial arts sounds) – Yes! – And he’s right! (all cheering) – Because if he were alive today, I think he would be the best fighter. (gasping)
– Wow. – But he’s dead, so I am. (laughs) He’s not the best fighter. (drum music)
Next question. Gosh, this game is so fun when it’s all about yourself, isn’t it? What is my favorite candy? (squeaking)
Oh, oh okay. – I’ve got an answer for ya. – Go ahead, Daniel, I think
you’ve been wrong every time. (laughing) – Okay, yeah, but that’s all
gonna change right now, ready? SweeTarts. – What?
– Mmm, they’re so good. – His favorite candy is sweet farts. (laughing) – Well, dude, am I right or what? – Oh, no, you’re absolutely
wrong, let the trend continue. – Daniel, c’mon.
– They’re delicious. (squeaking)
(groaning) – Where’s the phone, where’s the phone? – Where’s the phone?
– Get the phone, oh my gosh. (suspense music) – Yeah, yeah, but look,
oh, it’s right here. Yes, so, your favorite candy is black licorice like your heart. – [Regina] What’s wrong with him? – She’s right. – What? – She’s correct. – Why are you whispering?
– What? – I can’t hear what you’re saying. – Black licorice is my favorite candy. – [Regina] Are you doing this ASMR style? – What is happening? – We should just leave. – You got the phone? – [Regina] Okay, everyone.
(sobbing) Slowly walk–
– Wait! You know me so well, you
got a lot of these correct! I feel like we’re really
building a friendship. – Yeah.
– I’m scared. – We’re spy ninjas, we’re friendly. – [Regina] Oh, he’s going in for a hug. – [Daniel] Oh, crap. (dramatic music)
(screaming) – Tried to get me again,
and it almost worked. You thought I was being
all emotional and sad, but no, I got it back. You tried to steal it, I stole it back. – You make me so angry, PZ9! (squeaking)
(screaming) – Next question!
(laughing) – Geez, she’s really my favorite. She knows how to explore her anger. – Vy, why are you getting so mad? It’s just over a phone,
don’t let him get to you, Vy. Don’t let him get to you.
– It’s just, I don’t like it when
people take my property. I need it back and him, he’s
like a bacteria, a disease. It just spreads its anger around. – He’s trying to get you
to get you to sink down to his level, and it worked. And, anyway, we can buy you a new phone if you’re so worried about it, it’s fine. – Yeah, yeah.
– No, no. I want that phone, I don’t
want any other phone. I just want that one. – Phones can be replaced. People can’t be replaced, you know? – You’ve got nothing to hide on there. – But I became attached
to it, like a teddy bear. – Okay, okay.
– Okay, I guess I understand. – Doesn’t make sense, but okay. – Yeah.
– Back to the game, I guess. – She’s acting a little different? – Yeah.
– it’s kind of weird. – Something’s going on with her. – Next question. Out of all the times that
I’ve kicked your butts, what is my favorite time? – Out of all the zero
times you kicked my butt… Remember when you had the bow
staff and I had the nunchucks? That was pretty wicked awesome. – That had the heart racing. (laughing) Until Vy came in and saved your butt, and then Daniel came and stole the weapon, and then you guys cornered
me, that’s not that fair. – I don’t remember this. – [Chad] You don’t remember that? – I don’t think I was born, yet. – That’s true, you were still a PZ member, so you weren’t quite born, yet. But anyway, am I right, am I right? – No! – No?
– What? – Okay, got it.
(squeaking) That one battle royale with
with all four of us against you. Vy went on your shoulders and she did some thingy to
your neck, just like that. Am I right or am I right? – You are wrong. I had a blast during that battle royale, but my favorite battle royale of all time is the one where I took
on five spy ninjas. And technically, I didn’t lose. – [Daniel] You cracked my leg! – You only liked that
because in the other two that we described, you lost! – It was the closest thing
you ever did to dancing. (laughing)
– Next question! – Oh yeah. You’re watching PZ9 tube, and my next question is who is
my favorite Disney character? (gasping)
– Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz. I can think of a character
that’s very similar to you. He’s very egotistical, he’s
from Beauty and the Beast. His name is Gaston. He thinks he can get all the
girls, but he didn’t get Belle. He thinks he’s like the
most muscular in town, he’s the best looking, and
it’s just all delusional. De-lu-sio-nal. (laughing) – Your answer is quite
delusional, it’s not Gaston. – But you were very close,
Vy, because he is like Gaston. – Well, I think Gaston is
better looking than you. – [Both] Oooh! – Well, too bad, he’s dead. (laughs) – Okay, fine, if you’re not
Gaston, then who are you? (squeaking)
– I got it! (yelling) He probably likes the evilest
villains of all villains in Disney history, Scar! ‘Cause you also got a
scar on your mask, too! (gasping) – I can’t believe the
words she has uttered out of her mouth because they’re correct. – Yes! – He’s probably one of the most evil characters in all of Disney. So why not would I find him my favorite? Anything for the throne, right? (laughing) All right, it’s time to
talk about the winners. Who knows me best? The spy-ninjas!
(cheering) – No embarrassing photos for us, Vy. – We don’t have any, anyways. – So, we have to post
an embarrassing photo? – What’s on Vy’s phone? Why does Vy even have
embarrassing pictures of us? – Wait.
– Yeah? – Wait, hold on, I’ve
always wanted to do this. And the losers, the
losers for this challenge with a capital L, these guys! (laughs) – Hey.
– Hey. – Because I have Vy’s phone, I’m gonna take that
embarrassing photo of yours and post it on her Instagram. – Guys don’t go to Vy’s Instagram, okay. Her Instagram is @vyqwaint. If you come acrossed
it, just block it, okay? – No, what? – Don’t look at the picture. – [Regina] Yeah!
– Yeah, yeah. Well, you gotta look
at it, it’s too funny. – Now, I really want to see it actually. How do we win that phone back now, PZ9? What’s the thing, how do we win? – Yes, just give me back my phone. – Let’s just spin a coin or something. – What?
– Okay. – That’s it?
– Yeah. – Simple enough, heads,
Vy gets her phone back. Tails, I keep Vy’s phone. – Here we go, come on, heads, we got this! – Yes, come on!
(cheering) – Please, please, please, please! – Tails, that phone is mine. – We need to win Vy’s phone back! – Please!
– We can win it back! – Come on!
(screaming) – [PZ9] Oh! (suspenseful music)


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