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Who will be the US Open 2019 winner?

September 2, 2019

hello everyone who will win the US Open
the last slam of the year will it be Djokovic
Federer Nadal or someone else the big three as they have shown the last few
years and also this year are still able to dominate in the grand slam towards
music Novak Djokovic is in excellent form and from lots of people’s
considered as the favorite for winning the US Open
furthermore the hardcore surface is considered as his favourite it has shown
that in the course of the years also he has the psychological advantage over his
opponents as he has won the most recent slam
we’ve hidden by saving too much federer on the other hand seems to be
playing great tennis and even in the age of 37 38 competed in the highest level
he might suffer a tough loss against djokovic at Wimbledon but this will make
him play with more determination also his aggressive style suits the fast us
hard courts nedal might not be the favorite but he
is always one of the most dangerous opponents for anyone and the fact that
he is not the favorite might help him play more relaxed tennis the resent
development of his game like his improved first serve and the more
aggressive star he is trying to introduce into his game a big weapons in
his arsenal who do you think will be the winner drop
your comments below soon we’ll know as the US Opens starts at August 26th thanks for watching until next time bye

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