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Why People Get Naked Before Freezing To Death

December 17, 2019

Getting naked is usually great .. But not
this time What’s up guys I’m Sapna here for DNews. In the movie Everest that came out in 2015..
kind of a spoiler alert but not really and the movie is based on a true story… but
anyway… so towards the end of the movie .. one of the guys who was stuck at the top
of Mount Everest overnight in the bitter cold starts to rip off his coat and outer layers. That might seem super weird but it’s actually
a documented phenomenon unofficially called paradoxical undressing. The reason it’s called “paradoxical undressing”
is because stripping down while you’re freezing to death is the exact opposite of what we
should instinctively do to protect ourselves from the cold! But it happens to some people during extreme
stages of hypothermia. Hypothermia is when the body temperature dips
to dangerously low levels– below 95 degrees Fahrenheit A study by German researchers in the International
Journal of Legal Medicine looked at 69 cases of death caused by hypothermia. They found that 25% of those victims were
partially or completely naked. And an article in New Scientist suggests that
20 to 50% of people who die from hypothermia may exhibit signs of this bizarre behavior. A study in Sweden looked at 33 cases of people
who fit the description based on police reports.. And they found it was pretty much even across
the board in terms of men and women and age range. During the later stages of hypothermia…
people are really out of it. They’re disoriented. If they were drinking or doing drugs, that
of course may factor into the confused behavior and bad judgement. But beyond that … there is another reason
why extremely hypothermic people may take off all their clothes. They do it because they actually feel hot. There are a couple of physiological theories
behind this. According to a study published back in 1979
in the Journal of Forensic Science… one possible explanation for paradoxical undressing
is peripheral vasoconstriction. Peripheral vasoconstriction refers to tight
constricted blood vessels in the outer parts of the body…like the arms and the legs. That’s a good thing in extreme cold because
it keeps blood flowing inward to the core organs. But the theory is that when the body becomes
so exhausted from fighting the cold.. the tiny muscles that keep peripheral blood vessels
constricted tire out. So the blood vessels open up.. The blood rushes back to the skin.. and creates
a really hot flushed feeling. Another theory is that extreme cold messes
with the brain– the hypothalamus region in particular, which is the central command for
body temperature regulation. If the cold causes the hypothalamus to malfunction…
it may alter signals to the body.. making you think you’re really hot when you’re
not. So taking off clothing may seem like a great
idea… even though it’s not. There’s one more part to this wacky phenomenon
that I want to tell you. Just before freezing to death.. humans also
tend to burrow or wedge themselves into a tight space. Some call it terminal burrowing behavior. That German study we talked about earlier
discovered that the hypothermic people who were found partially or completely naked were
also found in a tight space.. Like underneath a bed, behind a wardrobe or
on a shelf. A tight space can help minimize heat loss
so unlike getting undressed, this burrowing behavior actually makes sense. It’s not fully understood but those German
researchers say it’s thought to be triggered by the brain a protective measure.. Kind of like how warm-blooded hibernating
animals burrow into a small, enclosed den for the winter. We can’t do episodes like this without our
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off Domain Dot Com’s names and web hosting by using the code DNews when you check out. Long before you get to extreme hypothermia,
frostbite is concern. … Trace explains what frostbite really does
to your body in this video What other bizarre human behaviors do you
want to know more about? Tell us down in the comments and don’t forget
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