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Wimbledon Rap Video As Told Through 16 Real Tweets

November 23, 2019

Made the queue for #Wimbledon. No* 3803. Eeek!
Why do female tennis players feel the crazy need to shriek?
Tennis gods are trolling with us!! Nadal and Masha lose?!
Wimbledon bans Roger Federer’s sweet pair of flashy orange shoes.
Why was Serena’s purple wristband and her matching headband ok?!
OMG !! #Sharapova knocked out. Such dismay! Serena wins 600th match of her career.
Is something wrong with the grass down at Wimbledon this year?
Four injury withdrawals in the space of two hours.
Centre Court roof closed down to all the persistent showers.
Djokovic is a machine. Del Potro is the man Mesmerizing stuff even if i’m not the biggest
tennis fan Wimbledon Title Proves Marion Bartoli is elite
well done @andy_murray. you had a whole nation that was standing up on their feet

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