Women’s Doubles 4.5 19-49 GOLD – 2019 Minto US Open Pickleball Championships

September 10, 2019

(upbeat music) (energetic electric guitar music) – Here at East Naples Community Park, not that far from some
of the most gorgeous white sand beaches anywhere
in the entire world. And we are happy to
bring you coverage here on Pickleball Channel inside
Naples Community Park. Welcome to Zing Zang championship court. Dave Benz hanging out with Mark Renneson. Melissa McCurley will be
along a little bit later on in the broadcast. Yesterday on our
livestream broadcast, Mark, we featured the men. Today we flip the script. It’s all about the women here in Naples. – That’s right. We’ve got a lot of exciting
action coming up today. Different skill levels, different players, some who we know quite well and some who are gonna be surprises today. – Should be fun. We’ll see Jen Dawson,
Cammy MacGregor for sure. Some of the other
contestants are still trying to play their way to
the championship court. This event, bigger and
better than ever before. Over 2100 players registered this year, and not only is it the size
that makes this event different, but there are some other
factors that make it unique. For more on that let’s
get it to Rusty Howes. Hey it’s Rusty from Pickleball Channel. We’ve had a great week so far. One of the unique things
about this tournament, it was the first tournament
in the history of the sport to have a pro only division. That pro division is spreading to many other tournaments
around the world. In addition, they wanted to make sure that the gold medalists were undefeated. That means the two teams
that make their way all the way through that winners bracket, they have to both be undefeated in order to compete for
that cherished gold medal. So Dave, we’re gonna see some more action and find out who the champions are today. Back to you. – All right thank you Rusty. Mark you’ve been around
a lot of tournaments. How much do the players like that, knowing that you have to be undefeated to be able to win a gold? – You know it means that
if you win this tournament you really deserved it. We’re seeing a lot of emotion this week here at the tournaments because if you lose in the
tournaments, that’s it. You can’t win gold anymore,
so it makes it unique, a little bit of added pressure, but also a lot more reward when you do
come through with the gold. – Yeah and it means every
match along the way, not just the ones here
on championship court are very meaningful, and that’s why people are
paying attention to every match including our Melissa McCurley
who will be joining us shortly here on the broadcast. We’re gonna take a timeout. When we come back we’ll
bring you the action as day 5 continues here
in Naples, Florida. – [Official] Players are you ready? – [Dave] We are just about
ready for action here in Naples, Florida, Zing
Zang Championship Court. It is the women’s 4.5 age 19-49, gold medal match. The number one seeded team
coming in to this tournament. Rachel Oxenden and Cam Thompson,
they are in the far court, and they’re taking on the 18th seeded Barbara Kerr and Kim Brent. And Barbara Kerr and Kim Brent, they no longer have the same last name. That’s because Kim married
into the Brent family, but yes they are mother and daughter. The mother-daughter
combo in the near court and the combo of Oxenden and
Thompson in the far court. And we are under way, 0-0-1. – [Melissa] You see Barbara’s paddle? It’s got her grandkids
on it, it looks like. Customized paddle. Mark just spotted that right away. – [Dave] And Kim, her
daughter just gave birth to her second child. So second grandchild for Barbara and Kim just gave birth four months ago. And is already back here
playing for gold now. Her and her mother have played together in pickleball tournaments in
the past, mostly in Canada. They hail from Canada. Barbara spends her time split between Canada and Florida, very wisely. – [Melissa] It is nice to
have the best of both worlds that way if you can. And then they’re playing Cam
Thompson and Rachel Oxenden. Cam out of Indiana and
Rachel out of Colorado. – [Dave] And both Cam and
Rachel are pickleball coaches when they’re not competing. Rachel with TMPR sports. And Cam is with Pickleball Rocks based
in Fort Wayne, Indiana. – [Melissa] These ladies started playing at 9 a.m. this morning. It has been pretty hot today. – [Dave] I’d say more humid today as well. Cam. – [Melissa] Yeah more humid. And Rachel and Cam, one, two, three, four, four matches to get here. – [Dave] Great action
going on between these two before Barbara finally
hits it into the net. – [Mark] I expect we’re gonna see a lot of points like that. Thompson, you’ll see, she’s
got that black hat on, the long pants. One, she’s not very tall as it is. But two, she’s so athletic. Watch how low she gets
to be able to defend against some of these fastballs. She’s gonna get a lot
of balls back in play, and really make the
other team work for it. – [Dave] Thompson is the youngest of the quintet on the court right now. She’s just 30 years old. Barbara Kerr is the oldest at 64. Her daughter, Kim, is 35. Rachel Oxenden, 44 years old. – [Melissa] And folks wonder,
this is a 19-49 bracket, but you can always play down in age, that’s no problem, and play up in skill. – [Dave] Oxenden with the
quick hands to put it away. – [Melissa] Yeah that was a backhand too. It’s not the easiest shot. – [Dave] First of four matches
we’ll bringing you here today on the livestream via
Pickleball Channel and Facebook. And Thompson puts it into the net. So 0-1-2 now. I do like that custom paddle. (laughs) (Melissa laughs) – [Melissa] You need one. – [Dave] Well everybody
needs a custom paddle, but to get it. – [Melissa] Well what
would you put on yours? – [Dave] That’s a good question. I don’t know that I would put my son on it because I’d feel like I was, you know, just hitting him every
time I hit the ball. (Dave and Melissa laugh) – [Melissa] Some of the
viewers on must have been really excited about the
US vs Canada yesterday. We have Gibb (mumbles)
saying this is a repeat US vs Canada on the women’s- Yesterday was men’s day,
today is women’s day. – [Dave] Yeah that was we
opened our coverage yesterday. It was USA vs Canada.
– It was. – [Melissa] So please share
this out with your friends. Lot of great pickleball to
watch here this afternoon. – [Mark] One of the things
that we’re tracking here in the booth thanks to our
statistician, (mumbles) Edwards, is the depth of the return of serve, where the players are
standing when they’re hitting that third shot, which is a function of how deep the return is as opposed to what kind of third shot, as we see a nice lob
hit there by Thompson. – [Dave] It was a great job by Barbara to get over there and get it. And then that one just hits the in-line. – [Melissa] Yeah but
what Cam’s doing there is really trying to keep the Canadians back on that back line,
which is what you want to do. It’s a lot harder if your
on the defense that way to be able to get yourself
an offensive position up on the kitchen line. – [Dave] Unforced error there as Kim Brent tried to short hop it. – [Mark] So some people
notice right now that Oxenden and Thompson are stacking. Both players are on the
same side of the court. That’s because they
prefer to have Thompson on the left side of the court,
also known as the odd side, and Oxenden on the right. So now that their score’s even, they’re gonna be back to a normal setup, a more traditional setup. But the next time they win a point, you’ll see them stack again so that they can play
on their preferred side. – [Dave] 2-1-2 here now. Make it 3-1-2. And Melissa I talked about the seeding. It’s the #1 seed against the 18 seed. Both of these teams, undefeated to get here to Championship Court. How unusual is it to see an
18 seed advance this far? – [Melissa] In pickleball it actually is unusual to see an 18
seed advance this far. It’s usually pretty predictable in the top six or seven seeds of who’s gonna be here in the final. So hats off to Barbara. – [Dave] And should
they win I have a hunch their seeding will go up a little bit (Dave and Melissa laugh) for future matches. – [Melissa] Yeah you say
that, that’s actually true. They’re an 18 seed. They beat a lot of teams today they weren’t expected to beat, so as a result they should
see a little improvement in their individual ratings. – [Dave] Oxenden and Thompson
did a great job there making Brent and Kerr get out of position as Barbara was running all over the court. Eventually the point for
the number one seeded team. And they’re on a little
bit of a roll right now, making five straight points
for Oxenden and Thompson. – [Melissa] We’re gonna have
a timeout because of it. – [Dave] Kerr and Brent
trying to stop the momentum. Oxenden and Thompson, it
took them a little bit to get things rolling, but now they now indeed
are moving forward. 5-1 here in game one. (upbeat music) – [Dave] Oh it is a fantastic day here at East Naples Community Park. The Margaritaville bikes on display. Margaritaville a fantastic sponsor here of the Minto US Open
Pickleball Championship. There’s also the VIP
Margaritaville lounge. You can see it past the
far end of the court there. Great to spend a little time
in there between matches. Getting a chance to speak
with some of the people, some of the sponsors of this event, some of the great fans that
come out here to this event. – [Melissa] I wish they
could move the booth in to Margaritaville. (Dave laughs) – [Dave] I don’t know
if that would make for better or worse commentary. – [Melissa] Well mine
could get real interesting I assure you. – [Dave] It would be
more interesting, yes. 5-1 lead. Five consecutive points
have been ripped off here by Oxenden and Thompson. And that streak will
finally come to an end, at least momentarily as the
serve will head back over to Kerr and Brent. – [Melissa] Yeah and
what do you think Mark they were talking about in that timeout. I know that they’re
struggling just a little bit to be able to get up here
and get into that slow game, maybe quicker to the line,
maybe more consistency? What do you think? – [Mark] What we saw right there, a good example of handling the lob. Thompson’s been playing
that lob really well earlier in this match. That’s been able to get over Brent’s head and that time she made no mistakes. So I think they’re talking about looking for that lob, anticipating it, and when that ball comes
to really take advantage. – [Dave] And that’s just a
little bit long by Oxenden. So Kerr and Brent have
closed it to a two point gap. Thanks to everybody who’s watching the livestream today, commenting. We appreciate it. Brett Lewis saying it looks
like the mother-daughter team that the mom is actually
the stronger player. (Melissa laughs) – [Mark] Well one of the
things we’re seeing actually is that so far every single third shot from Oxenden and Thompson has been a drop. And every single drop has been hit to Kim. So our viewer might be right here, at least in terms of what Oxenden
and Thompson are thinking. You can see them isolating her right there and winning the point. Expect that pattern to continue. That unforced error will make it 3-5-2 now as Barbara will take over the serve. – [Mark] Here comes the isolation again. She’s going for it. Yeah, a bit too much. – [Dave] Yeah she wanted
that cross court shot. Had the angle, didn’t get the height. Bryan Benson, excuse me, watching from North Vancouver, British Columbia at 11:47 a.m. in Vancouver. – [Mark] You ever been to North Vancouver? – [Dave] I’ve never been to Vancouver. – [Mark] We lived there for six years and it is unbelievable. It is gorgeous there. The pickleball scene, by the way, in British Columbia is really growing. I know in North Van they
have a lot of programs. Even at the tennis club that
I used to go to down there, they’re now introducing
pickleball as well. – [Dave] Vancouver is
definitely on the list of places I would like to get to. – [Melissa] Right after Italy, right? – [Dave] Well I’m going to Italy. I’ll be in Italy next week. By the way if we have anybody
in Italy watching this stream, my friend who was I supposed to go with had something come up, cannot go. I’m going solo now to Italy. I know no one. I speak no Italian. So hit me up here (laughs) on the stream. – [Melissa] He needs a travel companion. – [Dave] Yes. – [Mark] So pay attention here to what Kerr and Brent are doing. They’re trying to figure out
how to solve this problem so that Kerr isn’t isolated quite so much. Brent that is. And so sometimes they’re switching sides. Here comes the isolation again. Sometimes they’re switching sides, sometimes they’re staying. Trying to keep- That’s why they’ve been keeping
the ball away from Barbara. – [Melissa] But our Barbara was like, “You can only keep it away
from me for so long,” right? – [Dave] I mean I’m
impressed by the quickness in the hands of Barbara Kerr. It seems like she’s able to cover a lot of ground on the court. – [Melissa] Well I tell you, my mom’s much the same. I get isolated when I’m
on the court with her because she’s just too good. (Melissa laughs) – [Dave] I hear that you are pretty outstanding yourself though. The intel I’ve been getting is watch out for Melissa McCurley
on the pickleball court. – [Melissa] Well I am
definitely a competitor. I like to compete.
(Oxenden yells) I just don’t get to do it very often. – [Dave] Oxenden, you heard the reaction. She’d like to have that one back as she hits it long. Closes it to 5-6-1. – [Mark] So going on a
little bit of a run here. Maybe that timeout worked well. You can see that Thompson and Oxenden still targeting Brent. – [Dave] And that time it pays off, moves to 5-6-2. – [Mark] The Kerr/Brent family is watching from Ottawa, Ontario
which is where they live. Fun fact, Dave and Melissa,
Ottawa, Ontario is my hometown. I grew up there, spent
my whole childhood there. Ottawa is Canada’s capital. It’s a beautiful place to be, especially in the summer time. – [Melissa] I gotta find a
way to get up there, Mark. You can show me around. (Mark laughs) – [Mark] I love watching Cam Thompson rip those forehands. We haven’t seen many
of those in this match. – [Dave] She went for the touch there. Unable to get it over the net. – [Mark] That is the first
drive of the whole match. – [Melissa] She’s got great
power for such a little lady. Oh the UK has joined us again. Welcome Fey. And we also have Gail from Bonita Springs. Was here at the tournament in-person. Gail, I wish you could have stayed. The energy here is fantastic, as you know. Great crowds, stadium is full. Watching this women’s
doubles 4.5 19-49 match. It is women’s doubles day, all day today. – [Dave] We had the men yesterday as we talked about at
the top of the broadcast. The women feature today. We will have one more day
of livestreaming tomorrow and then Saturday will be live to tape for CBS Sports Network. – [Melissa] Yeah we
have some great matches coming up all weekend, and if you’re in the area
I recommend you coming out. We’ve got this match going on here, but we’ve got all 49 courts full out there with some more fantastic matches all over here at the East
Naples Community Park. Beautiful day, a little warm. – [Dave] Yeah a little warm. Humidity, I’m gonna guess, a little more than it was yesterday. We were shocked that it was
only 50 something percent. By the way in case you were wondering, mark your calendars,
the live to tape airing on CBS Sports Night will be
at 7 Eastern time on May 7th. Great hands there by
Oxenden as she just kind of flicks it in the direction of Kerr. Barbara couldn’t catch up with it. – [Mark] So important the
players can put away balls on both their forehand and backhand side. I know when I’m coaching, it’s often one of the
complaints that people have is that they can finish those points when the ball comes to their forehand. But when it comes to their backhand side, they have trouble generating speed. And as you can see there from Oxenden, it’s such an important skill to develop if you want to take advantage of the opportunities you have to win. – [Melissa] And that was
a good choice there by Kim to go down the line kind of
hard on the backhand of Cam. – [Dave] Yeah Cam has a
couple of times now, guys, she’s tried to hit a finesse
shot and it has not worked. Either gone into the net
or gone out of bounds. – [Melissa] Yeah Kim’s doing a better job. We know they’ve been
trying to isolate her. She’s doing a better job,
getting the ball back in play, keeping the ball unattackable
if you will, down and low. There was a a good example,
and then there we go. – [Dave] Unforced error there. Right when I was complimenting her. – [Melissa] She had it. So that’s exactly what
they needed to do, right? So be patient, set themselves up. It was there for the put away. – [Mark] So right now
if I’m Kerr and Brent, I’d think, “Look we’re
doing the right thing. “We’ve got the right plan. “We just need to be able
to finish that point. “Don’t change those things.” – [Dave] Hello to Buffalo, New York. – [Melissa] And Hong Kong. – [Mark] This is going to be trouble. – [Dave] Oh! You nailed it.
(Melissa laughs) – [Mark] So what I don’t understand is so this is one of the axioms that I think unfortunately has been in
pickleball for too long which is once you get up to the line you should never back off. By not backing off
there, by not backing up, they knew the ball was gonna be hit hard. I’m not sure why they
stayed at that kitchen line making themselves virtual sitting ducks. It’s important when you realize the ball is going to come
hard that you back up to give yourself more space,
to give yourself more time, to maybe have a chance to
get your paddle on the ball. – [Melissa] Well some people just have different philosophy on
that, kind of me included, is that I’m kind of in a position where I can’t get back there. I might as well stand my ground and… – [Dave] Hope for the best? – [Melissa] Hope for the best, yeah. Maybe I just need to get faster. – [Mark] Yeah look I get it. It would be much better to be all the way back behind the baseline, right? To give yourself as much time as possible. It’d be nice to be able to press pause and back up to set
yourself where you want. But in lieu of that to
back up a step or two, to still give yourself time
to be set and be prepared, that transition zone that you
and I talked about before, which I think wisely is being referred to less and less as no man’s zone because that’s an important
part of the court to play from. So we’ll see if the
next time that happens, if Kerr and Brent decide
to take a slightly more defensive position, a little
bit back off the line. [Official] Timeout here. This floor is 9-8-1. – [Melissa] Good stuff Mark thank you. – [Mark] We’ll go out on the court. We’ll go out on the
court Melissa. (laughs) – [Dave] All right we’re gonna have a timeout here right now. And we will be back to
East Naples Community Park in a moment. (upbeat music) – [Dave] And welcome back
here in Naples, Florida. It’s not only a pickleball tournament, it is a party unlike any other in the sport of pickleball. Quite an event. If you ever have a chance to get down here whether you’re fortunate
enough to be able to register as a player or
come here as a spectator it is certainly phenomenal. As this has become the
pickleball capital of the world. – [Melissa] Yeah definitely
so, Dave and Mark. It’s become pretty famous outside here stadium court in Tent City. Tent City is packed this year. And there is a lot of
fun, social atmosphere going on out there in that tent. – [Dave] Oxenden hits it into the net. I had a nice conversation with Jim Ludwig, who is the tournament
director, last night. Jim is astonished at
how much this has grown, and there are plans for this
to get bigger and better. And I’m not gonna pull
back the curtain quite yet, because I don’t know what
has been officially announced and what hasn’t been, but I can
tell you, it’s gonna expand. – [Mark] So what a great get there. So that was game point, by the
way, that Brent and Kerr had. A terrific lob. Kerr got back, got the ball,
but it’s gonna be important that Brent goes back with her. Here’s another game point. – [Melissa] Yeah and a lot of folks on the livefeed are
recognizing the strategy here. One thing, Mark, is someone mentioned is that Cam is getting a lot of balls. She’s a solid dinker. Kind of wondering why they’re
not testing her partner. – [Mark] I think one of the appeals when you look at two players, Oxenden is much taller than Thompson and has a much longer reach. And so, it becomes less of a threat when you go across to Thompson who can’t reach quite
so far as Oxenden could. So it might not be so much about, “Hey we think she’s a poor dinker. “Let’s see if we can exploit that.” It could be that they’re just trying to avoid the length of Oxenden. – [Dave] Chance to tie this thing up. And instead it’ll move
over to the second server. So Thompson will take over her serve with a chance to tie it. – [Melissa] And we’ve got Brett Lewis making some comments back
to the strategy piece I was talking to. He’s loving the game of the mom-daughter, daughter solid dropping and
slow gaming to set up the mom, and mom is coming in and bringing the heat and covering the back court well. – [Dave] Unfortunate
bounce there off the net. And now a chance to close out the game. – [Mark] There you go, that’s
what I mean by Oxenden, how far she can reach. Sure Thompson hit the last shot there, but it was the two from Oxenden before, where she could get the ball when it was still above that level. Hit it with speed and set up her partner. Another game point. – [Dave] Oh! Long. And the serve will head back
over to Oxenden and Thompson. – [Melissa] Mom looked like she was having a little bit of a
conversation on that one. – [Mark] Yeah there is an opportunity. I mean that’s a tough one to miss there. You want to have a little bit more of a downward angle or dimension to put the ball in the court,
but instead it sails long And it looks like they’ve
got the wrong server. – [Melissa] Oh no. – [Mark] Okay there we go. Referee made the error,
was the correct server. They’ll replay that point. – [Offical] So score is now 9-10-1. – [Dave] So 9-10-1 again. – [Melissa] What a great
first game this one is. We’ve seen a little bit of everything. It’s certainly tight in the score. What are we looking at on the stats? – [Mark] That is the 11th unforced error from Thompson and Oxenden. Just eight from Kerr and Brent. – [Dave] Oxenden hits it long. And so now again a chance
to serve out the game. Look at it. – [Mark] Kerr and Brent a
little bit like cats out here. Another chance, another
life they have here. – [Dave] Oxenden puts
it away on the backhand. – [Mark] Yep, so there’s that
reach that we talked about. Especially risky when
you go down the line. Where down the line you have
less distance to work with, less room to work with. I can maybe see a case being made for going go cross court to Oxenden where you have a little more room. But a down the line dink to a player with her reach is risky. Another game point. – [Dave] This is the third time Kerr and Brent have had the serve with a chance to close out the game. – [Mark] That’s risky. – [Melissa] Oh look at that. – [Dave] How about that. That is the third time that Oxenden and Thompson
have broken the serves to be able to get it back. – [Mark] Yeah Oxenden and Thompson have to feel like they’ve got some… They’ve got to close out here. They can’t keep squandering
these opportunities to not score any points. Let’s see what they can do here. – [Mark] Brent has got
to be happy about that. – [Dave] Yeah that’s for sure. – [Mark] Yeah she held in tough there. She had an earlier opportunity. Here we go you can see. – [Dave] So 9-10-2. – [Mark] Here comes the drive. – [Dave] 10-10! – [Mark] I think that was a
bit of a strategic mistake. She went around to sort of
jump the corner, as we say, but it wasn’t high
enough to really erne it, to put the ball away before it bounced. She ended up putting
herself out of position. 10-10, remember this
is a win by two match, win by two game. – [Melissa] Nice concentration. That’s not easy to do when the ball’s coming off the net like that. She’ll timeout. – [Dave] That timeout
being taken at 10-10-1, with Kerr and Brent taking over the serve. We’ll step aside for a moment as well. (upbeat music) – [Dave] Back here at the Minto US Open Pickleball Championships. Dave Benz and Melissa McCurley and Mark Renneson along with you. Of course Melissa with Mark Renneson is with Third Shot Sports. And guys it is a whole lot of fun being here on this livestream. Gorgeous day here in Naples, Florida. And what a first match we’ve had as we are going into now a 10-10 situation in this first game between
Oxenden and Thompson, the number one seed and the 18
seed team of Kerr and Brent. – [Melissa] Well we’ve seen a little bit of everything in this match. We’ve seen some drives, we’ve seen drops, we’ve seen just strategies.
– [Mark] Some great lobs. – [Melissa] Great lobs. – [Mark] This has been a 30
minute game, this first game. We’re approaching 30 minutes right now. We’re gonna see if Kim Brent can continue to be steady here. Barbara Kerr looking to- here it is. Well done by Brent. Sets up another game point. – [Dave] Want to check and tell us how many game points we’ve had because they’ve broken
serve every single time have Oxenden and Thompson.
– [Official] 11-10-1. 11-10-1. Oh what a shot by Thompson! She went to that well a couple of times. Finally able to get that one
past Kerr and just in bounds. – [Mark] Yeah look at look at that ball. It’s the top spin on this one. We talked yesterday about the importance, or the prevalence of the
two-handed backhands. That’s primarily so you
can create more spin. Here’s another game point. Kerr and Brent. – [Dave] 11-10-2 and make it 10-11-1 as the
serve will change sides. – [Mark] That is a solid
inside out overhead smash from Cam Thompson. When Barbara Kerr came near
the booth to collect the ball, she said, “That was a bad choice.” – [Dave] Kerr trying to
get it past Thompson. – [Mark] Here we go. – [Dave] Brent hits it into the- – [Mark] Oh wow! – [Dave] Wow what a sequence! That had everything.
(audience cheers) – [Mark] So this around
the post, you’ll see, it clips off the top of the net here. Look how wide it goes. Oxenden gets to it. And Kerr tries to defend against the ATP, but it bungles off the edge
of her paddle into the crowd. And that’s a side-out. – [Dave] So 11-11-1. – [Official] 11-11-1. – [Melissa] That was exciting. That fired them up and
fired this crowd up too. – [Dave] If you’re watching the livestream please hit the share button. This is great action. – [Melissa] Oh wow, look
at that two-handed backhand she just unleashed down the middle. And you know that was changing it up Mark. We’ve not really seen that out of Cam yet. – [Mark] No I expect we’re
gonna see more it in game #2. – [Dave] And for the
first time in this match, it is game point in favor
of Oxenden and Thompson who have staved off a number
of potential game points by Kerr and Brent. Thompson able to catch up to it. What a finish to game 1.
– [Melissa] Oh wow! – [Melissa] She’s like,
“I’m not just 4’11”. Because she went up for that. – [Mark] Yeah look at this. Not a bad idea once you have
(cheering drowns out speaker) close to the net to close the lob. But the lob’s got to be deeper than that. Thompson gets back, so
athletic, puts it away. – [Dave] Thompson making her friends at Pickleball Rocks excited. They take game 1. (upbeat music) – Oh the US open, Minto US Open, It’s more than a tournament,
it’s really an event. And as a player, it’s
more than about playing. It’s about the whole atmosphere, and the socialization of all
the players and spectators and the camaraderie
that goes along with it. It’s just unbelievable. It’s great. – Well we are pleased to
be a part of this year’s US Open Pickleball Championship. It has become really a highlight, I know on my calendar, I look forward to coming down here every April and being a part of this atmosphere. – Oh it’s fun. It’s historic. And the atmosphere here
under the center court is unlike any other in pickleball. – Next year, we’ve got to get you playing in the tournament too Dave. I’ll partner with you. – Okay all right. Well you’ll have to carry the load. I’ll be getting targeted a lot. (Mark and Melissa laugh) I’m definitely not in
the 4.5 area skill level. – We’ll play age group. It’ll be fine. – There you go.
(Mark and Melissa laugh) I do have the benefit of being able to go into the senior division now, since I’m turning 50 in May. – [Mark] You’ll have to play
down to play with me, sorry. – That’s very true yes.
(Mark laughs) – [Melissa] We’ll do mixed doubles. I can be a senior too. – [Dave] All right so how about
that first game we saw here as Oxenden and Thompson they broke serve at least seven if not eight times when Kerr and Brent could have won Game 1. And the #1 seed holding on to
win that first game 13 to 11. They fall behind early here, 1-nothing. They’re vying are Kerr and Brent, who are actually Kerr and Kerr because Barbara Kerr and Kim
Brent are mother/daughter. They’re vying to be the
second family affair that has won gold that
we’ve seen in as many days. And that shot just long by Barbara Kerr. Yesterday we had, in the afternoon, we had Rosti and William Sobek
win a gold medal in the 5.0 19-49 bracket. – [Melissa] William just 15 years old. Some exciting pickleball
on this court yesterday. – [Dave] That was the best match we saw on center court yesterday. – [Melissa] It definitely was. – [Dave] And we had it on the
livestream for you as well. We thank everybody who’s been watching as we are tied up 1-1-1 in
the early going of game two. – [Melissa] And yesterday’s
matches are still on the Pickleball Channel
Facebook page recorded if you want to go back and look after today’s women’s livestream matches end later this evening. – [Dave] Watch at your leisure. Oxenden unable to catch up
with that one on the backhand. So 1-1-2 now as Oxenden and
Thompson continue to stack. – [Melissa] And Mark
mentioned we thought we’d see more power coming from
Cam in this second match. So let’s see if that holds true. I think it’s a great idea if she does. They seem more comfortable, Kerr. – [Mark] Yeah one of the
differences we can see now. The Thompson/Oxenden have the
wind in their face this time. So that power will be
neutralized just a little bit, which does mean though
that she can swing freely, she can go for it a little bit more. We did see only two third shot
drives the entire first game. Remember that was a 30 minute long game. 24 points and we only saw
three third shot drives. Two third shot drives and
so let’s see if that changes a little bit here as
Thompson and Oxenden look to take a little more control
of the game early on. – [Dave] Tell you what Thompson, her extension is impressive. She really plays a lot
taller than her stature. – [Melissa] She does. And her consistency is
quite impressive as well. Well, obviously she’s got speed. – [Mark] Honest cross-court
dink from Brent. – [Dave] Oxenden unable
to catch up with it. [Announcer] 1-1-2. – [Dave] Oxenden on the serve now. And that is long. Oxenden, an interesting story. She lived in Hong Kong
for a couple of years. Traveled extensively throughout Asia as part of an international
dragon boat racing team. – [Melissa] What? What’s involved in dragon boat racing. – [Dave] I have no idea that’s a- – [Mark] I’m a semi-expert on this. – [Melissa] You are not. – [Mark] My wife is at
the world championships. (Mark laughs) – [Melissa] Okay. – [Mark] Good defense there from Brent. That’s what Kerr and Brent need. And you can see Barbara Kerr
supporting her daughter, saying, “That’s what you gotta do. “Just hang in there. “You don’t have to do much with the ball. “It goes off, it’s a (mumbles). “Just block them back.” – [Melissa] Did you see
her stand her ground? – [Mark] She stood her ground, which wasn’t too bad in that case, because Oxenden was hitting it back from, three quarter, quarter deeper. And that’s a place that’s
easier to defend from. It’s a different story
if your opponents are standing right on the kitchen. Nice try Melissa. (Mark and Melissa laugh) – [Melissa] I though I was
gonna get away with it. We got a question here,
Mark, from Greg Smith. “Can the line judges call faults “when a player steps on the
sideline during an erne?” – [Mark] Yes. – [Dave] Around-the-post shot there. Did it land in? – [Mark] Looks like it was
called in by the referee. – [Dave] And the crowd applauding the effort out of Oxenden. That’s the second time we’ve seen her hit a successful around-the-post
shot in this match. – [Mark] One of the things
I’ve noticed in this match, and we saw four or five examples
in that one point there. There are a number of balls
that are sort of marginal. They weren’t obvious enough that you could clearly hit
hard as an offensive shot. And not low enough that
you were clearly had to play out a dink. There are a lot of marginal balls, and I’m looking for some of these women to start to be a little more
aggressive on those balls, rather than sort of being
a little more complacent, sitting back, just playing
a neutralizing shot, instead of an offensive one. – [Dave] So 2-2-2. Oxenden with the backhand to put it away and get the serve back for her side. – [Melissa] And both of these teams, Mark, seem very comfortable
with their game style and their plan, and what
they’ve come forward with here, not really looking to change anything up. Just really trying to be patient and looking for the other
team to make the mistake. That’s certainly what I’m
seeing here from both teams. – [Mark] Yeah that’s right. It looks like we just saw a
mental mistake right there with the wrong server, serving. And that costs the side
out for Brent and Kerr. – [Dave] 3-2-1 off the net. – [Mark] See that’s one of those marginal- That was a chance for Oxenden. – [Dave] Kerr, the unforced
error into the net. That makes it 4-2-1. – [Mark] Oxenden looks much happier to tap and to speed up the ball
in her backhand side than her forehand. It’s probably a function of her grip, the way that she holds it. When she’s up at the net,
holding a frying pan. So it really sort of makes
the backhand very strong. Forehand, a little bit less so. – [Dave] From what we’ve
seen, you can understand why. That backhand long by Cam Thompson. So Thompson will take over the service. Thompson is looking for
her second ever gold medal here at the US Open
Pickleball Championship. She won gold in the mixed doubles 4.0, ages 19-49 last year, along
with Jason Neuenschwander. – [Melissa] It’s her other half. – [Mark] As a mixed doubles partner. – [Melissa] Yes, yes, sorry. That was a mixed doubles partner. – [Mark] You know what Jason and Cammy. I met them a couple
years ago in Indianapolis when I was doing some coaching, And those two. It’s amazing. They travel extensively. They both have very supportive families. Jason’s got a ton of kids, and they travel all over the place playing these doubles events together. – [Dave] They’re listed as
being out of Indianapolis, but Pickleball Rocks is
headquartered in Fort Wayne. That’s a little drive right there. Timeout here in Naples. Back in a moment. (upbeat music) – [Dave] Gorgeous Thursday
afternoon here in Naples, Florida and we’ve got a good match going here in the women’s 4.5 19-49 gold medal match. The #1 seed team of Rachel
Oxenden and Cam Thompson against the 18th seeded
Barbara Kerr and Kim Brent. And Melissa we talked
about the seedings earlier. Is it possible that Kerr
and Brent were under-seeded coming in to this tournament. – [Melissa] Anything’s possible. (Dave laughs) – [Dave] Or if they just overplayed their normal level of expectations. [Melissa] Yeah. They were certainly properly seeded here. So I think we can say
that they played above what was expected for them to play today. Solid competition in the 4.5 skill level. – [Dave] And it’s a pleasant surprise. I mean that shows you the
depths of this tournament too, and the quality of players
that are in this tournament. – [Melissa] Yeah this is certainly a large international event. And people like to come here
and really test their skills. – [Dave] Oxenden, we
talked about the backhand. She says, “I have a forehand too.” – [Melissa] That she does. That was with some authority. – [Mark] We still haven’t seen a single third shot drive yet from Kerr and Brent. – [Announcer] 3-4-2. I think it’s pretty safe to say we can expect a drop
here on this third shot. But let’s see, maybe they’ll surprise us with the wind at their back. – [Dave] We’ve got Finland and Mexico both checking in on the stream. 15 countries and 46 states represented in this year’s tournament. And the unforced error there. So it will move to 4-3-1. The serve changing side now,
back to Oxenden and Thompson. – [Melissa] Jose is asking
about any tournaments in ropes in Ranch, Texas? There certainly are. You can go to and look at tournaments
by country and state to see which ones are not only at ropes in Ranch, but in Texas. Texas pickleball is certainly growing, just like it is all over the world. – [Dave] Oxenden’s
backhand comes up short. So move to 4-3-2. Joanne Brent saying she’s
waving the Canadian flag for this mother-daughter
team of Kerr and Brent. – [Melissa] We also have
a question about the 3.5, 55+ gold medal match. No that’s not scheduled to be
broadcast here this afternoon. We will have a 5.0 19-49
match right after this one, followed by the senior
pro-women’s gold medal match. And then the senior
pro-women’s bronze medal match. Got a lot of great pickleball coming up. – [Dave] We would love to be
able to stream every match going on in this tournament, but Melissa what is the number of
matches at this year? – [Melissa] Oh we have 4,300
matches that will be played. We have already played
3,154 of those matches going in to this day. – [Dave] 4,300 matches. It takes a lot of manpower
to be able to bring you this multi-camera
livestream with the replays and the graphics. So unfortunately we cannot- We’ve got a team of I would
say about 15-20 people working just in our group. So multiply that out by
the number of matches, and you would understand the manpower it would take to do that. – [Melissa] Yeah we’ve
got some 500 volunteers that are supporting this
particular tournament doing a fantastic job. It’s a lot of work to put on and organize something that has over
2,000 players in 50 courts here in East Naples Community Park, so. And it creates a lot of
electricity for us to enjoy. – [Dave] Crossing shot
goes wide by Barbara Kerr. So make it 5-4-1. I find it interesting to read that not all of the volunteers are
just local here in Florida. There are actually volunteers that fly in from parts all over the country
to be a part of this event. – [Melissa] They certainly do. People get really excited
and they want to line up. We already got people asking, “When can we sign up for next year?” So the pickleball community
is a very giving community of their time and their talents. And it’s a real family, if you will. And it’s a very special
game to be a part of. – [Dave] 7-4-1 now, as
a little bit of momentum being gained by Oxenden and Thompson. They’re starting to be able
to smell the finish line. Now three points away from
closing out this match as it moves to 8-4-1. – [Mark] You can see Oxenden and Thompson starting to hit balls
a little harder here. We saw a drive from Thompson. We saw a much faster serve from Oxenden than she’s normally been hitting. – [Dave] Man, Oxenden wishing
she had let that one go. Cam Thompson was trying
to tell her to let it go. – [Melissa] It was smart by Kim. Oxenden running in for a ball that she wasn’t really in a position for. And Kim took advantage of that by putting it right back at her. There really wasn’t much she could do. – [Mark] That’s a ball
that Kerr wants back. Good idea to make your
opponents run if possible. – [Dave] Yeah she recognized that both were back on the baseline,
but she couldn’t execute it. So 9-4-2. – [Melissa] And a smart timeout here. You can’t take ’em home with you. – [Dave] We’ll take a break as well. Back to Naples in a moment. (upbeat music) – [Dave] Back here in the
Zing Zang Championship Court. The 2019 Minto US Open
Pickleball Championship powered by Margaritaville continue. Our livestream continues
thanks to the 477 of you who are currently streaming this event. Please hit that share button
and let everybody know that we are live until
just after 6 p.m. Eastern. This is the first of four matches we’re bringing your way. And we are closing in potentially
on a championship point as Oxenden and Thompson control the serve. 9-4-2 as they look to inch even closer to taking the gold medal. – [Melissa] Yeah and this has just been a fantastic match to watch. – [Announcer] Nine, I should tell you, that you have one timeout remaining here. You have one timeout remaining. Score at the time is 9-4-2. – [Dave] An official noting the score and the timeouts remaining for each team. – [Melissa] Yeah the
scoreboard here on center court is something new that the
US Open has added this year. They also added six more
dedicated pickleball courts. – [Dave] Oxenden putting
it away right at Kerr. We’ve mentioned how fast
Kerr’s hands have been, but not fast enough that time. And now we are on championship point. – [Official] 10-4-2. – [Dave] Oxenden hits it right into Brent and that will do it. The #1 seeded team of
Oxenden and Thompson, they defeat team Canada. The mother-daughter combo will have to settle for the silver. – [Mark] Yeah that ball just
up a little bit too high. Oxenden knows what to do with that. Hit that hard, right at your
opponent’s body, overwhelming. – [Dave] And they win it 13-11-11-4. We will present the medals
and hear from the winners coming up in just a moment. Stay with us here from Naples, Florida. Let’s here it for your gold medalists here in the 4.5 19-49 division. And let’s present them
with their gold medals. – Rachel congratulations to you. Great job Rachel, you played hard today. And here’s your commemorative hat too. One of a kind, right? Congratulations. And Cam we have something for you as well. It’s always nice to see you Cam. Great job, you guys played really strong. We’re all so proud of both of you. Great job (claps). Great job everybody. – Rachel, want to ask you
about this game, Game 1. It looked like they had
you guys on the ropes. You guys staved off seven points in which they could have won the game. How big was that, and how
much did that change momentum? – It was huge. I mean we were just trying
to put pressure on them and we never, ever quit. And I think the ATP at
the end kinda changed the course of the game. And so we just tried to
pressure, pressure them. – You had two impressive
ATP’s during that match. And you had a couple of
real impressive put-downs. I mean you skied for some shots that didn’t look like you’d
be able to get to them. Have you played that
way your entire career? – Yes, yes being short I have to try to get everything back
and just hope they miss. Especially when my
partner dives for a ball, I got to get the next one back. – Before I let you go,
I do have to ask you, I got this off your LinkedIn page, dragon boat racing in Asia, what is that? – I used to live in Hong Kong, and I was part of an international
dragon boat racing team. It’s 20 girls on a boat
and 500 meter races. So yeah, it was great. – Well impressive that you were able to do that on a high level, and now you have a gold
medal here at the US Open. One more time let’s hear
it for our gold medalists. Out team of Oxenden and Thompson. Congratulations ladies. And with that we’re gonna take a timeout. Our live coverage of Pickleball Channel from Naples, Florida will
continue in a few moments. (energetic music)

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