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WTA ve ATP Puanlama/Klasman Sistemi Nasıl Çalışır? Çağla Büyükakçay’a Sorduk I SPXTV

August 12, 2019

Hello, I’m Orkun. Our guest is Çağla Büyükakçay. Today, we’ll explain you the ATP and WTA’s
ranking system, with Çağla. – Welcome Çağla.
-Thanks. You are the most important
guest here at SPXTV. So good to hear that. I gotta say this before everything else. Let me turn to this side and say that. Çağla is… a friend, an athlete and a tennis player that we love dearly and are proud of. How old were you when we met, as a firm I mean? As a firm,I was probably twelve when we met – 12?
– Yeah 12. We began to sponsor you when
you were 12, right? Exactly. When did you exactly start playing tennis? – I was 8 when I started.
– 8. Someone asked me recently, if it’s too late to let her son play tennis at the age of 8. So this is an answer for that aswell. Yeah , yeah.. It is not too late. As you know, is the highest ranking Turkish woman tennis player who also… played in Grand Slams. The first Turkish woman to play at Main Draw. And, like I said, because I know her since she was a child, she’s really dear to me. I thank her for not turning us down and
being our guest here in SPX TV. I just want to dive in to the video before talking too long, or there is a lot to say about Çağla. ATP and WTA are really sophisticated. And even hardcore fans don’t know about it. For example, are there any differences? How do you go up or down? Let’s start from here. First question. Are there any differences between
ATP and WTA ranking systems? Are they the same or are
there any minor differences? Umm, there are very little
differences between. Differences like, at some tournaments, though the level of the tournament and point look the same, For example, grand slam. At the eliminations of grand slam, when we eliminate our
opponents, we get 20 points. But after you get to the Main Draw, you get 30 points I guess. It goes from 8 at the beginning to 12 or something. But with us, it goes as 20 to 30 to 40. – This is a serious difference.
– Difference. When you win a tournament, for example, a 10 thousand
dollar ITF tournament, we get 12 points. And men get 18 points. – The system is…
– But then, it doesn’t matter what point that is because it’s a benchmark. Every man – Who wins gets 18 points,
– Yeah yeah.. 12 or 18 doesn’t matter if you
look at it that way. Yeah, it’s not that important, it’s the
difference between women and men. But there is also this difference. With us, for example, I play 25-26 tournaments a year. Between 25-30 I mean. There are 52 weeks. Think
about that like this, How tiresome that is.That means you’re
playing a tournament every two weeks. – Exactly.
– And she trains the other weeks. – It’s truly horrifying.
– Yeah it is. But, I’m kind of intervening some times,
sorry about that. – No no, it’s fine.
– To expand the subject. But, But they not all the 25 tournaments
I play does get counted. They just take the top 16 in to consideration. I think it’s good for the player. – They take your top 16.
– This makes it really hard. – Oh, you say so?
– Yeah, it makes it really hard. Think about it like this, For example, some have better financial possibilities. And he says, I can play a
tournament every week. – I can play 35 of them, for example.
– Exactly. That doesn’t allow for it. They say, you can play 35, but I’m still going to take your
top 16 into consideration. Between who plays 25 and
35 the best player… It wasn’t like this when I was
a child I remember. The WTA was obviously not there when I was playing. Back then there was only ATP.
Both for men and women. This was not a thing before and that was a really big question mark. So the one who had more money also won more money. For example, they take our top 16 but in men, they take the top 18. I don’t know why that is. It’s because men are more powerful, – so they let them play.
– I guess. For example, back then, you received points even for only competing in tournaments. But now, for instance, you’ve joined a tournament
and your opponent didn’t compete. And you advanced like that. They don’t give you any points
unless you win the game. When it’s like this, for instance back in your days, The financially more powerful
one had more advantage. Because he can go to the tournament
and even if he just plays a single round, He can receive points. By the way… There was no regional systems back then. – You weren’t competing with your shadow.
– You weren’t, yeah. Yeah.. But now, for instance there can be really lucky draws. But the rules now say, in order to receive points, – You have to win the game.
– Exactly. And that gives it a degree of difficulty. So, let’s put ATP and WTA aside. – You are a WTA player.
– Yeah. Let’s dive in to WTA. -Yep. How does Çağla rank up at WTA, or how does she go down. For example, of course you begin from 0 but, how did you manage to get
to the highest rating? And then, you ranked down a bit
from your best rating. – Yeah.
– And it really is so easy to do. I know that, but people don’t. You don’t have to be playing bad
tennis in order to go down on rank, Because you are competing with yourself, aswell as everyone else. Can you talk about it like that, how did you manage to get
to the highest ranking, What did you do to drop down to this rank, and how will you rank up again,
What are your strategies? Now… How are Main Draws getting played out?
All of them. Now, for example, to enter the world ranking, because there are lots of professionals, You need to win points from 3 tournaments. It’s not enough to gain points from just one. With men, if you play one tournament, then you win a game, it’s projected to the
world ranking immediately. You enter the world ranking in 1300’s or 1400’s or so. When you gain ATP points or WTA points. Exactly. Yeah but like I said, in WTA you need to win 3 tournaments in 3 seperate weeks , in order to rank. So you can be seen on the world map. WTA makes more sense I think. Yeah I think so too. – It gives.. A guy gets just 1 point in a tournament
and goes in to world rankings Yes With this method, you go into
the world rankings by 1400s. So you ranked at 1400’s, what then? Yeah I was ranked like that
when I was 17 or so. It’s been 10 years. I’m a 10 year pro if you
look at it that way. Now, for example. I climbed up to 60 last year,
at world ranking. I competed at the olympics last year, I was in the main draw in Grand
Slams for the first time. For example, my olympics story is beautiful as a matter of fact. Because I had a tough time
at the year of 2015. I was up in ranking, and my draws were a lot higher. And I wasn’t able to win a single match in 6 months. There are a lot of times.. – Like that in tennis.
– Yeah it is.. Definitely. But at that time, I was thinking
that it’s really tough. I can imagine. But it was good for us at the end, in 2016. I put that 6 months… …of time in good use. In a very good use. Because of that situation, I was able to compete at the olympics. Let’s expand this topic, Yeah, now I’ll go back in time for a bit. – Why was that time good for you?
– Yeah. Because you are competing in
your own region right? Exactly. Now I’ll tell you about the WTA system. For example, I got 30 points from a tournament
in Istanbul this week. Ok. After this, it immediately affects
my ranking tomorrow. But after a year passes, they eraase that 30 points. Yeah? Like you’ve never won that tournament, so stability is really important. I mean … They sometimes say “She shined for a year then she was not good.” This is the reasoning behind this. Your whole achievements
last just for a year. Yeah. They erase that at the same term. Even if you are the number 1,
it’s just a year. Definitely, just a year. – After that, you start from 0 again.
– Right from 0. When you look at it, at the start of 2017, everyone is equal. Yeah. Everyone will begin from 0, and everyone will climb the rankings. After I was rank 60 I was… participating in big arenas. – True.
– Main draws of grand slams, main draws of premier events etc. Let’s expand what main draw is like this. Main draw means that you are one of the
top 100 tennis players in the world. Think about it like this, you have to be one of the top 100 in a million or so to be in the main draw. I’m
talking about the grand slams. Yeah top 100 in the grand slams, true. And at other major tournaments, your opponents go from 30, 40 or 50 or so. – As ranking I mean.
– Ranking, yeah. When you look at it, it was new to me when I was rank 60. Main draws at grand slams, and good draws were very important aswell. The level you were playing changed after
all, your opponents level have changed. Yeah it was a completely new tier for me. – If you want to simplify it,
– it’s super league and champions league. Yeah it’s definitely champions league. I had a lot of success last year. I have a lot of points. Week by week I mean. I earned 300 or 400 points at clay season. Those 400 points can bring me even to the top 100, I’ve earned a lot of points in this 1.5 month of a time. To protect them, uhmm… When you participate in big tournaments, there is a better chance you earn points. When you advance just a tour, it means 70 points. So it says, you have gained ranks, so I’ll give you the chance
to play in main draw. Earlier when my chance to meet a rank 10 or 20 was once a three year or so, now I run into them at every tournament But these are also opportuinities aswell. Amazing opportunities yeah. Because of that the luck of the draw is really important to test your level. We are human aswell, we progress and I’ve earned great experiences about playing against top 10. For testing this, I earned great experiences But like I said, I started at rank 70 at the beginning of the year. My first Australian open but I lost to a girl at my ranks in 3 sets. It was a good match thinking
about the game, – But it was a loss anyways.
– Right. And there’s this in tennis. None remembers how good
you were at the game. It only comes down to winning or losing. But we, as a team, need to look at that to see
the positive sides and to improve ourselves on paper. When people who are
following tennis can say It was a really good draw but
Çağla lost it in 3 sets.” It… …can be a loss, yeah. Then, after the grand slam I mean. I ran into the number 6 when I played at a premier tournament, – It’s like Masters in men.
– Yeah exactly! So I drew number 6. Againist Muguruza. It was really hard. Next week I played against number 15 in Dubai. So when you rank up… You get to play with stars. Yeah you play with stars and and your best draw becomes 70, 80 or 90. By the way, I want to underline this. When you say 70, 80 or 90, now I know it because I am a
former tennis player. Of course I was not at your level. I know it really well because
I was a tennis player. How you can lose a game in 3 sets by a very little difference. You can win a game by just a point, or sometimes you can even score more and lose.Overall… Yeah definitely. Or a lot of people don’t
understand what rank 70 is. Heh, so what if she’s 70, right? Because the podium is top 3, and she’s 70th. I hear a lot of people, I’m not mad. Because they don’t know. This is an amazing race. It’s a gladiator arena. When you say 70, it means the best
70th tennis player at that time. This is remarkable. This means, I guess someone who is at rank 70 needs to have like 700 800 points. 800 means with the points we earned in the tournaments. Now when you advance a tour,
you get 10 points. If it’s grand slam, it goes up to 40 or 50, but we go up in the ranking with weekly tournaments. So in order to be rank 70, you need to have 800 points in 10 or 15 tournaments. This is a really serious
stability and a big success. It’s a really serious stability
before everything else. Yeah. So, got something you need to add? I think generally, most people understood. I, as a listener, understood WTA rally well. How you go up and down on ranking, its difficulties, the need of stability. Do you have anything on your mind to add? I think we can wrap it up like this. Yeah, I think I was able to explain it. That’s it, right? It’s easy to tell this stuff to us, because we know it. I hope I could explain. I think we explained it really well. We talked about this pretty long. People who didn’t understand write
questions on the comments. Usually I am the one who answers them. So if there’s anything, I can ask you and you can answer. So I thank Çağla very much. You can write down your
questions down below. Please subscribe. See you in other videos.


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