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Yoga For Beginners Mind | Yoga With Adriene

January 6, 2020

– Howdy everyone and
welcome to Yoga With Adriene, I’m Adriene and that’s
Benji and today we have a yoga for
beginner’s mind practice. So hop into something
comfy and let’s get started. (light music) Alrighty my friends,
let’s begin in Sukhasana. Take a second to come
on down to the ground. You can go ahead and use your
hands to gently pull thy butt cheeks aside, just kidding but
feel your sits bones really kind of come in to the earth here. Just start to get a little taste
for focusing on cessation even as you come into
your first shape here, the first posture. Today’s practice is all about
coming into or returning to that beginner’s mindset. So most of us
have of an inkling, a feeling, an idea of what that means
but if you don’t and even if you do I’m gonna invite you
to actually practice beginner’s mind when it comes to beginner’s
mind and just empty your vessel, empty your cup and we’re just
going to start here now with whatever you’re
bringing to the table. I will do the same. And we’re just going to, through
some really simple shapes today, explore the practice and the position
of beginner’s mindset. So if you are a beginner,
you’re in luck. You’re gonna lead the way. Just take a quiet moment to tune
into your breath and whatever you’re bringing to the mat today. Sit up nice and tall
relax your shoulders. For those who are practicing
this in real time it’s for not everyone but for
most it’s, you know, we’re kind of getting
really active and sweaty in our practices so we
need to balance out those practices with
practices that steady us, that keep us curious
and plugged so that we’re not just mindlessly
working out or mindlessly doing anything for that matter. This practice
should help with that. As you’re ready,
take a deep breath in. And a long breath out. Inhale in and exhale out. And one more time the biggest
breath you’ve taken all day. Big inhale. And then a nice,
long, easy exhalation. Now starting with gentle
movement in the neck you’re gonna drop the
chin to the chest. Then from there, we’re gonna
draw circles with the nose one way and then when you
get to the bottom switch it and go the other way. And imagine as
you do this one way, so we go clockwise,
and then counterclockwise, and as you’re
doing this continue to sit up nice and tall. Continue to gently deepen the
breath and maybe close your eyes once you feel safe and like
you know what you’re doing and imagine you’re doing
this for the very first time. What subtle body
or even gross body sensations can you detect? Great, then even it out. I have some
sound effects on mine, I don’t know about you. Come back to center and
then try to keep that same, we’re just dabbling but
a little bit of curiosity as if you’re coming
into these moments, these sensations
for that first time. So really simple here, squeeze the
shoulders up to the ears. Breathe through all
four sides of the torso. Inhale, and then exhale, pull
the elbows back and drape the shoulder blades
down the back body. Awesome, let’s do it again. Just see what happens,
squeeze and lift. Shoulders to earlobes. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Breathe in and then exhale pull
the elbows back and drape the shoulders down the back body and
now maybe closing the eyes or softening the gaze
to just see if you can imagine doing this
for the very first time. Feeling that
rotation in the shoulder, any activation happening
in the upper back body, any opening or stretchiness
in the front body or the chest. Notice if your breath feels
shallow today or if there’s already some juicy depth to it. Nice, and then the next time
you’re sitting up nice and tall just find stillness. You’ll bring the
hands to the heart. Anjuli Mudra and just close your
eyes and take a moment of quiet. Observing the breath. Awesome and then notice
where your thoughts went. Where your mind went and then bring your attention
back to your breath. So each time we come to the mat
we can get in the habit of just checking off our yoga or doing
things the same way every time. So I hope that this type of
practice will also maybe invite you to dissect
that a little bit. Are we kind of doing everything
the same way or can we open up our minds and our hearts to
practice or at least be open to practicing new
ways of doing things? Are you the type of person
that’s kind of set in your ways or are you open? Just a little food for thought. As you’re ready can open
the eyes and we’re gonna come forward on to all fours,
little spinal flex here. So this is a good one
to start that Cat-Cow. We kinda go through the motions
a lot so see if you can find something new here. A different Rasa,
a different flavor as you inhale drop the belly. And then use your exhale
to round through the spine. Wrist underneath
the shoulders here, knees right
underneath the hip points. Find a little rhythm
with your breath and then just go for a
little exploration here. Noticing any parts of
the body to feel tight that might need some extra love. Maybe you curl the toes under, send the hips back
to stretch the feet. And then don’t decide
where it ends, keep moving. Soft, easy movement here with
nice full breaths in and out. I like to say shine a
little light in the dark places. So you’ve taken the
flashlight out, get curious. Feel what needs my attention. And instead of kind of just
going through the rigmarole of this little vinyasa, Cat-Cow,
can I give myself permission to explore new grooves,
new routes that serve? Move mindfully and stay
connected to your breath. And then when you’re ready to
take this same dance that you’ve already cultivated. So you’ve already
got it going on, okay? And you’re gonna slowly
bring the hands nice and wide. Turn the upper arm
bones out this way, elbow creases
pointing forward or shining forward as opposed back. And then when you’re
ready peel the tailbone up, nice and slow. And then just keep
it moving and grooving. Go for a little exploration
here in Downward Facing Dog. So what does the
practice of trying to find something new feel like? Well, consider
returning to this idea, this image of your first time. We have a question that’s been
in the FWFG Kula for a while that Chris, my business partner,
posted in the very beginning it says, “Tell us
about your first time.” and those stories,
to this day, are my favorite to read in the Kula. Because they all
come from the heart, from this genuine curiosity and desire to do your best, to be authentic and
to find what feels good. Okay, here we go, we’re gonna
step the feet all the way up towards the front of
the mat and you’re gonna come into a Forward Fold. Feet hip width apart,
bend the knees, let the head hang. So you’re not
holding the neck here. And then same thing here, nice,
strong footing so that’s why hip width apart for just
a nice stability here, stacking of the bones. Same thing here, whether
you’re flexible or tight, bend your knees and see if you
can come into this as if you were here for the first time. So let your breath
really be your flashlight. Feel your breath in your belly,
feel the lower back stretch as you breathe in. Find places to let go and
soften as you breathe out. Stay here breathing deeply so
good for the nervous system. Awesome, awesome work. Now slowly tuck the chin, bend the knees
generously and roll it up. Now here’s a great moment, this
moment where the blood is moving through the body where you
lift your heart and your head, relax your shoulders down the
back body and come into your best and most beautiful Mountain
Pose for the first time ever. Draw energy up through
the arches of the feet. Really engage the legs. You’re gonna keep your toes
pointing forward but engage the legs by bending
the knees softly first and then slowly lifting
the kneecaps, toning the quads. Lengthening the tailbone down
and just finding a sense of balance and ease in the pelvis as you lift up through
the spinal column. Then when you’re ready inhale,
reach for the sky, big stretch requires big breath. And then exhale palms are gonna
come through and we’re gonna go down the midline just slicing it
down here as you bend the knees generously and come back
down into your Forward Fold. Big breath to inhale,
halfway lift, palms on the shins or thighs and
then exhale the soften and fold. Great, fingertips come to the
earth you’re gonna slide just the right toes back. Inhale, open the chest,
open the heart. You can lower the
back knee here if you like. And you’re just gonna
breathe here for a couple beats. Feeling the sensation, trying to
find balance or an equilibrium in the body as you breathe
and negotiate your weight. Working with the subtle body
if you’ve been practicing for a while use this beginner’s
mindset to come into it with fresh eyes. See if you can wake up more
subtle body aspects that you maybe would find if you
weren’t so used to this posture. Find ways to lift,
places to lengthen, strengthen. Make sure not dumping all
your weight in your fingertips activate your center.
Yeah, yeah! Then plant the palms,
here we go. We’re gonna step
the left toes back. Our first ever Plank Pose. Press away from the yoga mat. Inhale, look forward. Exhale, lower to the belly. Now actively pull the hands
in line with the rib cage, draw the elbows
into the side body, press into the tops of
the feet and Baby Cobra. Inhale, we lift up.
Just a baby Bhujangasana. Now stay here, breathe.
Let your breath move you. You can close your eyes
and tuck the chin slightly, try to find something new
as you awaken the back body. Awesome, and
then slowly release. Curl the toes under,
lift the kneecaps, tone the quads. Inhale, press
up into your power. Second ever Plank Pose,
just kidding. And then send the hips up
and back when you’re ready, Downward Facing Dog. Breathe deep here. See if you can use the tool of
your breath to just really stay present in the moment.
Enjoy the ride. No yoga robots is another
great way to consider the beginner’s mindset. Great, then from here
we’re gonna take the right foot forward. Get back to that nice low lunge. You can lower the back knee or
keep it lifted and we’re gonna be here for a
couple cycles of breath. Use each beat to
find something new. So this low lunge. Kind of a shape that we
use a lot for transitions. We kinda blow through it a lot
so take the time here to notice, to stick with it. Squeeze the inner
thighs to the midline. Pull the right hip crease back. Tend to it. Great, then slowly
rock the back foot to meet the front, Forward Fold. Inhale, halfway lift with the palms on the shins or
the thighs. Find length. And then exhale to
soften and fold it back down. Inhale to reach for the sky. And exhale, hands to
your heart, Mountain. Deep breath in. Empty it out. Inhale to reach for the sky. Palms come
together as you exhale, slice it slow and
steady down the midline. Forward Fold. Inhale, with your
breath halfway lift, your version.
Pay attention. So this is a wonderful,
wonderful place to kind of mark for those who’ve
been practicing for a while a little beginner’s mindset. If you’re learning this for the
first time and your taking my kind queue to
bring hands to the shins. You can peek at
me or the thighs. Are you pinching
off in the neck here? Are you remembering an
old maybe Ashtanga version of halfway lift, halfway lift? Are we, sorry,
whipping my hair back and forth. I whip my hair back and forth but are you clinching
the back of the neck? Are you cutting
off the flow of energy? Can you maybe take the
invitation to find length? So we can draw nice
clean line of energy from the crown to the tail. That’s what we’re here to
talk about and learn here. Alright, bring your gaze
straight back down wherever you are inhale in. And exhale to release. Awesome, this time keep
the right foot where it is, slide left toes back. This time you’re gonna
pivot on the back foot, keep the front leg straight. Then you’re gonna walk the right
fingertips over towards the right heel then take your left
fingertips to your right wrist. We’re pulling the
right hip crease back here. And then in your own time,
draw a line across the chest and we’re gonna open up to
Triangle from the ground up. So we’re coming into
Triangle a different way than maybe you’re used to. Hold on to that
beginner’s mindset. Deepen your breath, you got it. Inhale in.
Find that length. Use that Dunda,
that line, that stick, that staff,
from the crown to the tail. No collapsing. Nice work, then here you go. Left hand’s gonna come
down just the way it went up. You’re gonna
bend the right knee. We’re just gonna come right
back to that nice low lunge, nice and easy. Inhale, open the chest. Great work, exhale,
plant the palms. Inhale to look forward,
shift forward. Exhale to lower all
the way to the belly. Inhale, Cobra. Find something new. And exhale to release. Inhale to press up Plank and exhale to come back to
Downward Dog. You rock! I rock! We rock! Deep breath in. Long breath out. Step the left foot,
pivot on the right foot. Nice and slow and steady
so find your footing first, we’re gonna work
from the ground up. Slowly begin to pull
the left hip crease back, straighten
through that left leg. Left fingertips come in
line with the left heel. Then as you’re ready, right
fingertips trace a line across left arm, across the chest as we
spiral our rib cage all the way up towards the sky. I used to say, we’ll do it here,
imagine you have honey on your right hand, bring it
to your left rib cage. Go ahead and bring it to your
left rib cage and then smear the honey across your rib cage and bring it all the
way up to the sky. Strong footing.
Nice, long beautiful neck. Inhale in and then exhale
right fingertips come back down. We soften through the front
leg, pivot on the back foot. Back to the nice low lunge. Great work.
Here we go. Rock the back foot up to
meet the front, Forward Fold. Last time to practice this. Here we go, halfway lift. Find that extension that length. And then exhale to fold. Beautiful, inhale
to reach for the sky. Big stretch, big breath, smile. Exhale, (sighs) hands to heart. Close your eyes, pause. Try not to fidget here. Just observe the breath. Awesome work.
Now bat the eyelashes open. You’re gonna shift your weight
to your left foot and you’re just gonna do a nice, easy quad
stretch with your right leg. So you’re gonna reach,
grab your right ankle, squeeze the right knee in. Squeeze and lift as
you lift your heart. Beautiful and then release that
and switch to the other side. Just a nice, easy stretch. Keep returning to your theme of
beginner’s mindset here because there’s gonna be an invitation
coming up here very shortly to take it off the
mat into your day. So you’re gonna
take your right hand now, cross it over the chest.
Just nice, easy stretch. Can turn to look past your
right shoulder or your left. And release, other side. And then release. Now, interlace the
fingertips behind the back. Draw the knuckles down. Feel your feet firmly planted
into the ground and then here we go,
draw the knuckles, (coughs), excuse me,
down and away as you open up through the chest. Beautiful, take one more
breath here, you got it. On your next exhale,
release the chains. Reach for the sky, big inhale,
clap the palms together. Jai Namaste in
celebration of you, of us, of this practice,
of constantly returning to the seat of the beginner. The student. That’s one of my
big themes this year, to keep learning. So I encourage you to listen, carve out time to do the same. Thanks so much for sharing your
time and your energy with me and with all the beautiful people
practicing around the world. Let us know how
it goes down below. What’s something you’re
interested in learning or carving out time to learn? How has the beginner’s
mind practice served you? And let’s stay connected. Namaste. (light music)


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