Yonex Nanoray GlanZ Review by

December 15, 2019

The Flexibility: is flexible The Balance: is balanced to slightly grip heavy available with the grip strength: 4UG4 / 4UG5 Recommendation: for ambitious hobbyplayer and clubprofessionals hits for longer distance, sends the shuttlecock even further Infused with the new Rexil Fibre material rapid repulsion performance of the Rexil Fibre material, to produce great power Another special feature is the slim shaft, which is to support the flexibility the racket has two different areas slim Frame Bottom for optimal torsion thick Frame Top for more power special geometrical shape of the head Aerodynamic Design in the Frame Top, for a larger sweet spot and forgives outliers available from the first week of march 2015 Result of the practical test – Yonex Nanoray GlanZ the racket feels super light in hand still infinitely more power, especially in the clearhits The enlarged sweet spot is clearly noticeable and forgives many errors In my opinion, that is the best racket of Yonex new innovative features, cost a lot of money but the price is justified for this great racket

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