You Bet Your Life: Secret Word – Street / Hand / Picture

August 31, 2019

rally me w_t_v_t_ yield thank you it yo end of the and a and again and again
thank u and an independent candidate in the
nation january first imagine the monthly
payment plan with the national and international so they’re back in a
moment to tell you that i can get edmark human capital management company he met tonight and and and and i think
uh… hundred-dollar use gun uh… began interesting and and and and and
and and and and annually unanswered and i’m linda mentioned correctly and i
think again hydrogenated getting brown management not implying he
heard nominated in nineteen ninety you handwriting winding booming let it’ll n you and instead of ten point out that your
dad i think you know let me know that they had that feeling
that they should thank you you know what happened unanimity thereby attracting thank you
know victim him said human capital management it p and u demanding hunting and i i don’t think i mean
exactly where it lay placard indictment around here humanoid
deregulate last week you had been reached an agreement that they need to
tell you about that they’ve already i think you can they should you have a personal life because videotaped and including and
began near london bonn yet all the time the nineteen ninety-five amitag union
incompetent you can have a big big big bird declared
the things in the army broken kitten and thank you came down let it get p_-flag it to you you can mediation and hampton in europe and on camera but
they haven’t engaged in repeating detected engaging panicking you have any humanity handgun an engagement record withdrew naveed
eradicating about your name hand-in-hand viewed mediterranean implant meeting would be
sitting around in there and getting ready caffeine champion companion an olympic update and plan on playing
bass around you and than cast you vision nineteen and it in a moment to complete
painful doing a project on them you can’t it didn’t happen it’s cabinet you’d field identified navigation clinton including and killed him nine million maneuvering skin identified
okay tubing and camping then united kingdom
image alive in hand down here it it human being arundhati communicate are you doing cab in banja luka it seemed a bit you really great regulate exactly weekly united in human condition fracturing it
that the k heard argument like that if you had a hard time happen modern you can’t element jack-booted it weekends and about that uh… handed too and and can you tell me your power plant yes sanctioning changing united stating that
you had a republican women human seemed to that you can imagine again it refreshing life them and i feel
is best friday night let me thank you and then you mentioned i don’t like the three hundred and
thirty one category accreditation any credit i’m going to be in the words you’re
getting the right direction uh… reg they hammered everyone at the about
who’s mail i read it and pat buchanan dat dat dat arun opened thank and and and and ignored and and and and and the mattered eternity it you know hanging situation segregating men and women you know what happened meeting you i killing another at it out it entertainment and indonesian guide mandating anything anyway made here logan and we don’t want to know empty-handed
managing beckie brown about and it had been in the interview canada noting that the other hand parallel heard it hanging in there and and and and and and and and and and
guide hand-to-hand knowingly financially project and analyst and i completely
unique questions contained inside unity everyday unique and jack benny ticket there’s a very attractive and
they’ll understand i i thought that i thank you imagined and i think you should know medicaid indeterminate attracted a
humanitarian here what is your hometown death and and
can’t find anything in the private capital california don’t worry about
shit undying thinking differently let me get back to you by placing them
in economic iraq invasion electric you’ve got and more laundry congressional
rockingham distributing nangi unity hand written feedback implications now you should valuable thank you declining and having babies and
unintentionally temptation had not heard making needed you hadn’t been allied insurance plan i
would imagine protected and three percent and financial and political uncertainty
lanyard um… you getting addicted to nicotine
craving unit he kept at the manatee definitely david
insurance kindly cabinet you well economy and kathleen i’m done thank
heavens camping and i think i mean i don’t think you know democratic diamond that beleaguered
thank you charlie second an unknown quantity black admitted that the future stabbed
in the morning around that date larry if you want to lose money pentagon chen at an interview i’m still
waiting for the third he underestimated pending further i’d like to have
something eventually ethnic minds matter that you had a beautiful i
believe heavily insured yeah then than an hour
it sentimentality thing about the plan that dave hennen
intraperitoneally lithograph a katelyn annamaria handy and and and hi ke haiti larry lemonade stand and immediately and
permanently eighteen unhindered refugee action to eliminate there well nothing imagine unattended
intentions behind me it keeping we should have happened i can’t imagine
but nonetheless he certainly uh… that uh… it looks like here citizens and and and and and identification yesterday going badly vic again later yeah it you anarchy event but i think everybody eugene talmud it consumes you and very that these things and you can seemed kind of action thiet ke k_d_ change a minute branch i think it would be happy kids method it makes me mad hennen uh… admiring mother anyway new here job anti-communist planet sandbag reading out than the people of
that day today unit right at the earliest writing statehood
abhinandan thank you future technical analysis record gerlach and let me know went there union genocide it you know carries and and and so that they don’t think about
infidelity elena actually gunship here p you anti-american to u handwritten and and and and and that he was you don’t have a great many eight
hundred thousand dollars allocated expanded and and anyone into the payload agarwal
indiatimes it grampa demanded and understandably
coming out of it i don’t want to pick and i think i think that i don’t know gravity and and and and and and and video initially for and and and and and and and and and and
and and then demanding unit amplified orthopedic
anthony canada’s prime minister of england k and u my thinking is that on branch of the campaign yet uh… economic eventually what happened and i know that
i didn’t kill many congratulations and thanks to a minute secret word with that indians you call
that allot the without one thousand companies with them martial arts their annual suck your life economy crystal transcribe from
hollywood broccoli coffers consented to just one
minute from all food food anderson wells as the sun all crazy and
this is an and grateful hopefully states and before agree something you see a
pocket bcs bandstand breathe first also says the starving the latest issue and also rescue schemes days and guest stars to
entertain you forces phase of songs that lovely sounds
as if it makes a big band found also refund also the blue program
football false testimony for and joe and i did wonderful medicine is a good fun
discussion anderson and the band the stocks are still some and please first
parts and three eighths live on n_b_c_’s and said wednesday mornings over most of
the state’s fruitful from and his all since i’ve been we have the n_b_c_
bandstand grateful for them well instances a a it’s all on the all bloody the well here in the deposition for each of us have a list of witnesses
thousand-dollar and i didn’t say the statement was there
when the next two hundred o judge was placed doctor i’d like to
please stand in line offices this and fills us interleaved so close to include in there sarcomas welcome disaster live certificate
writing it was based on the list of fifty dollars at the time it was
something you said yesterday center line of thought that this is ngos
have been selected i think it financially he’s confident
that that includes in front of them kerry himself was saying that we choose
without the morning of affidavits mentally hard and they should have your
switchfoot k made me feel systems solutions o ncgs
also allows you to stop historically usefulness angela life-size himself he was a very
happy angela neapolitan joe i’ll start with you assumes that the statuses treatment so i’ll just answer this question of
what part of a lot of money anthony keith oklahoma yet anyhow hercules missus after this harmoniously often by happens he’s ad-hoc uh… pete uh… uniform haha heat
hahahaha and funky points details candidate alone often faces dash and mary and get what businesses have fallen in love almost five months word lunges does a-minus with you a marriage in this e outside
versace’s flyway files living alone so that i can understand the alignment
away if you listen on the phone with us for the use of contraceptives houseplants hotmail he’d like to see bodies faces three sears holdings phillips and
frances ordinance of what’s the reason for the evening
sources are you getting ready with a sideline is prohibition comes back list edskitty consistently one of the time ultimate of movement allied all the writers and i would rather be in
a little bit pat and i said scintillating in a moment in the lives of the students
from among the close of information spikes and seasoned popcorn right to
keep our yeah i’m getting so that i just i was not in the let’s find out some
facts about you are you with us and he says so far the model but lily yvonne and young seven-year-olds places like the nominee on novel because
i was young or anything like that is in muncie
indiana lollapalooza to run away from his who want to colombo harlem almost
four years old you want this lately willfully salvo but because it was his
known to the front cover of the hottest barely a month a commercial systems along relentlessly sixteen something was successfully stalls after video hopefully homes nobody’s some chicago p please excites the as feisty stridency on a leaky packer collecting pollutants is pleased with the system uniform was when i was easy feudalism stealing bases
and facilities to take much to blow up the phone missus clinton’s muffins stylistically little unusual about it
was tough questions for mister with all the votes everyday from eight thousand
presently listen when i was at the age of fourteen years old on the seven
months on them liking we’ll let you know cemetery the rock
climbing out of jail a little bit but there is a situation than a billion myself in this
conversation changes changes so on this story monies we want you to participate in the field
and believe that she was remembered you know your partner’s jesus salazar though before you answer you discussed it with
a lady all right you select the facts about
that i’ll ask you some questions as he is
this on a roll your eyes he is one of our right to a thousand dollars what musical composition is
traditionally played upon the entrance to the press industries failure the chief is right ones on and what president was originally a
very successful monies in there services david overdrive that’s alright what president was nicknamed all history andrew jackson was drafted for those who
lives here with i don’t know not a very good too something like thirty with george
washington and not do this yet deals that isn’t useful neighborhood forever altered well you wanna start now that isn’t even
close to come back later and that and that is still inside a document you gave
me a classic themselves and no matter what you decide to do a
sense of being on the show thank you for that and also because for some couples like
also the playing field sexual acts for yourself to others citizens out of this is bob hope
speaking for the national safety council i just wanna say called a memory uh… what visuals without an accident your eyes and monitored never blah and
for all your president so much kathleen brown views i would actually scared of what it
sounds like a ball take a special trip from the national
safety council for visibility of this race whether
driving has its secret life windshield wipers blazed across a good condition bc i suppose off your eyelashes and through your way through the weather panel earlier car if your weather for you a plastic practicing adequate cromer uh… other of the sale is about the pocket also
thought that was in this throughout the life love him so that
that’s a lot about the whole headway and the bottom of the hundred dollars at the
time it was something always athletes that the land route there is that right slave promises allowable formulation newsroom on thought my life long bones conquered california lifelong
listing mansfield poem alone if you don’t look as though he is a man
is a more than two weeks you realize that either collide on the case that the little
white lies at the end the played a very young looking toward audiences and following week he’ll fathers probably close to close down about this he plays drums and weekends i guess on weekends as it relates to the
defense game that doesn’t have a right healed take the time we have no place you know
what because i did something familiar about
who you know somebody i said no at the very very fifty visits sol no sparkles salvos sign while that there is a professional
wrestler while that barry i had i done folio i don’t know what other side i’ve never seen u_f_o_ but i’d like to
go to one of you know if this was something but dad i’m gonna ask you a
straightforward question i think the president upcoming is wrestling really face we like it is true that i’ve added you can fill these other that
there’s a lot like you so that what you should be the greater pressure in the
world kepada i have never thought that all the
work tomorrow states you don’t want to have a plus standing in the rain gradual for your information
applications i was florals light heavyweight
president clinton please god i would like to do you have a way to
capital one i would consider all cases dollars central states otherwise i think
that um… and heart of america belief that success surfaces how do you account for your successor as
you don’t seem to think this is the largest muscular copy of the all these other you photos
memorizing the steps not because of my brilliance and relax brought back on my phone was the first
meeting since that is the wilderness gen one uncertainty numbers seven cents
of infidelity on or diploma and i finalize pulverized alive film on a bill
that is the florida marlins ostracize outside into the sudden death of this
uh… am i threw them out document that says that a mishaps meet was i have had margaret broke my collar bone
my shoulders my hands are both of my feet dropped off okay i excuse that it is at least you insist
the problem sister either your property dallas i thought well happy a lot of u_s_
alternately at everest book my collar bone my
shoulders plans a problem i think i thought i had enough the business ideas
for that grandma quill i had my netsoft on my facebook senior u_s_ hanging up enemies list do how can you upload only solve broken
bones and still say this is the citizenship flat because medical authorities tell me
of male fantasies as you said before i go to every year that i’m a spectrum of physical
perfection you have just like the fifteen year old
boy at the four please and the influence of stamina an orderly lines by the sharp brain the
use of such as this is all the other businesses fiom physical condition this was a lot
about the cellular telephones that you have forced them also acted as if they
think about the alleged and enormous anything in the lives of arson as can be so articulate how do you
account for this first phase of the my finances due to the fact that is cause much misunderstanding there’s a
lot of the fact that these were not able to express themselves adequately at least in conversion and butterfly so
i have uh… may the habit center for the time out so that people can
understand just exactly what i’ve set the stage believe most of the build upon
them and said well that’s right can’t do that but that i would never suspected to have
such a sense of businesses any sense of business in the sun says yes succulent says no one will ever know
black duffel fall from simonsen and saying that final says nothing about
the way so emphasizes your feelings and he was a rather silly if you like
deeply in love with a list not withholding provisions and phillips had some inspiration was eleven million dollars dot four-dimensional different all of the
shoppers funeral father fall you’ll never know
ominous shift officers says so if you feel there’s something that’s
going now the thai businessmen because he
cannot be themselves for these days and if you don’t get the feeling will also
follow through now something really going on at
columbia university that that was his issues business died in the house democrat no
doubt that wouldn’t be surprised if nobody left nut well out there most unlike me when the most unlikely anytime soon and so on that officers unlicensed
legislative attila with the promise of china mongolia
doughnut valuations all right now you select this fall so yellowstone says the office to apply this to you send me
the name image to an earlier i think it’s going
to go about two hundred thousand dollars starmeter name and others old favors like that from the side power the as a few moments all right about my name is roger i don’t know if they wait for the legacy on oklahoma missile mine or your place salado texas a at close enough spending on health
center scenting tonight on the ocampo smile
online you know what can happen is because i did throw things i’d love for
you of our children a now i’m sitting down all right let’s remember that old song
flat tax dont belt i don’t know but that’s the right
answer acura whatever like that yes dot from alarms several of them method a phasing in
sound pursued never thought that one of them voters
with oklahoma good morning with the family over the mountain eats na dot
savitha the dot on fire that first of all of us yeah politicians is unclear got that one
over the mountain packet yet and the others outside is out of your money you
make it a fact that ten thousand dollars so all that said on the glass and think
about it that no matter what you decide to do thanks for being on the show mrs but we’ll find out of any of our suggestions
were five or seven thousand dollars dot of almost involvement with that with the sound of
use to get the new server less than an affair with forrest usage
if necessary at all from the latest points to readers like
so everybody’s got to do well enough to think of a fairly but let
me for a short distance via photo the system was it was very well for the
use of the travel many miles with destinations he put up with a pencil even more
important for us today but it was for robin hood
irecruitment work on the show when that happens location for the car crowd on the worldwide event wherever they happen really good this is a young person invite you to
keep up with the news on the hour all day every day for most of these n_b_c_ stations yeah alonso distillers and while the
influences but uh… first of all sorts of issues
and so there is a small potatoes and also seem to be blitzen as it was philip’s relations all and he
he are and live he keeps on diet five hundred thousand dollars if you decide
to try for this and you say that you want to have a total of five nobody does gladwell go ahead almost you want to continue what about
you through something get together and this is another one
descendants of the week starting forces listed now elaborate on that phenomenal funds that all of you i like it both exciting penetrating you want case the forces places let’s as i was not from doing well luckily a family of five
brothers are putting on the same destroy lives in a ship went down in a battle in
the pacific the two thousand dollar part of the
family name of the five celebrated navy hero hahahaha call all loan don all hopeful on yell at me what is the cynicism bosnia idaho we felt i don’t know it’s itself unscientific you wind up with a total of
five hundred dilday graduations and thanks for being with us dr license plaza hollywood photos five tons of love selected by robert one in particular there is a five thousand there too so i thought of that money
into that again next week same time same place could have a lot on the way throughout till for the housewives the wage-earner
investors big and small commentary of vital interest on file for
folks to lose tonight on most of these n_b_c_ stations old this is michael i’m line with what was
the right place like mom on the evening to go over big here are personal and problem i’ve got
to martin luther king online put and your uterus once a month stated that’s a good word is picture beyond the you already really you’ll bectero remarkable broadcasting company program part of our their annual but there are a
lot electrical current rival ali was broccoli corporate conduct with him just
one minute i have it here alan and i want to talk
to you for a minimum of retirement you look forward to it well that’s great if you’ve had a busy
life in the retirement is your own choice but would you like to be forced
into retirement here is before you begin really living retired it ten twenty thirty retired by prolific polio that would be great well to be a grim and tragic for thousands of victims of infantile
paralysis the victims of the year when polio shadow fairly early on the
country and today’s salk vaccine was only a scientist but there is hope if you help through
the nineteen fifty eight march of dimes and make we have a patient possible wherever rehabilitation is possible bring back from a retirement they never
wanted hundreds and hundreds of polio victims please join the nineteen fifty eight
months ago heaven carriers along the always the he ran the gamut of interest witnesses
and not and say that it was it when i met
undergo judges but godzilla louise wired
internet was in a way to talk to you so for people to meet right-to-life plank in the right to life
that have taken late in the titanic two hundred dollars at the come away from
the new plan around the house political and parents and where you
currently memphis non-permanent members losing
helpful the the reporting an eye well uh… i within thirty five known well material on the one thing in the
home of and i think that is met when you look different to look at the
reunion that elections is official defined by calvin coolidge it a brought
them home we reaffirmed for than that those that
the day u_c_l_a_ that one of those diploma mills
are under investigation their comfort that latifi uh… that or acting are pretty and and
or personal instead no higher priority their will occur than the winner uh… yes it’s more active in the
weather we try to predict whether business is going to go up in the future
of the downing by how much or you with the dollar going down
probably for the statement and when you recommend that the the over their money assuming that they still havent for myself at by end of the camel’s back
the military that particular that vietnamese and me
but i think i have no complain about comes back from the killing in the
market appeal year accurate that my brother do i mean there are many contaminated
with bacteria dust about the commit suicide away which is why i really think
that he had met with a practicing attorney and completely out of her well i thought that uh… three hundred eighty six and i’d like this area very much and i’m
very optimistic about land values between here and sandiego your return well yes four thousand acres when it is properly australia a
deceptively in san diego democrat really got a lot of harry reid well you know your your continue their
that prevented reluctant of monitor two hundred fifty five categories he was elected for i’m gonna ask you some questions to be a
mystery around if you get for her own right two hundred thousand dollar and telling them we want one into the
three years of the men to be for yourself however ground and he is not that i’m in
georgia off by the same position was quarterback aircraft all right over the place one of the blending the
channels both ways chadwick oregon it led richard wright
you have to write to more writing about a thousand dollars like one recruiter parent warner believe
the the baby if that were collected you’re almost there have been a great is
that the way the lesson i want to be with baseball player or
professional team minister one of the major league team cincinnati cincinnati reds buddy that would you do it in a good
benefits and revert bought the book ended up are all right you have one
thousand dollars what you mean this marker i really don’t have
correctly when your wife and i i couldn’t even
greater and greater impact on your money you made me a chance to ten thousand
solo then said i don’t think about it and we don’t feel like that thanks for being on the ship and on for a moment our second couple
will join brock total play you’ll back to a lot women are lugano mood group lol boredom making it more mum yes pat makes it perfect just as we always have ever since
eighteen forty four so next time you’re because that they prefer american
brewing beer from the past brewing company milwaukee wisconsin yes nickname for on xoxo i have healthy gerrard and barbara
only that doctors apartment lease a mate dr one welcome here back to life and
it’s a good way than deadline extended outlook is the kind of way under your
plan around the house healthy rambo brown l_t_l_ you named instead of one another
after a little up do you think in the pot no when i got this california and where
you’re permitted informed very minimal really come to that
confront them the liberal lengthen that one along that you uh… long ago did you leave capable how old were you when you see in this
country all night because i i i don’t know i am their recruitment api uh… you honestly think any go around
trying to think of them and try to find out in our audience to do there dole and i a well that might think that this well your economy attractive and you
don’t have to be exciting he and all of us to be sneaky about your
age life now hearing that the other brown yes good and i’m in uh… you have in the world get a name
barbara i had relatives the bodywork of automotive superior court bailiff elected at the vatican if you like this
with the medicare what exactly are they doing it because they have well as they live noel i don’t know but
i will be related to me because i don’t know it note what do you think of it these looking i don’t know couldn’t admit something adjournment i
mean i don’t think that there is an indictment needs but maybe it’s not the best behavior of the israel where the court and thick that one whoever is doing in the courtroom when the judge takes the bait uh… all they’ve been around here we’re getting a crook co i’m fine without the satisfaction right over the
world them the le located riding a cotton bud yahoo
that everybody that provide the other captain vatican outnumbered anne-maree
vineyard mechanical ecclesia prior to his it was another here do memorial here in that courtroom that that that you know what you are you
going to work out to live you remember that really mean potato name lp that
night nine night yeah for thier yeah if you have a job in
germany and at that all u_n_ happening like that that is a
pretty woman thank you for how would be the way you
discovered on a school in the drug studying sauerkraut brotherhood event of
the enact this again all of them about their you enough to be
not possible for me and examining unit document do like burning them and we have to be a
very nice no enough for about four liberal until but you might even be about not and within europe and the fact that
uh… oh we learn that they can get many of the
main t_v_ camera crews from out of their tank ended my campaign he can’t help but
i don’t think about them if you keep up things on the moon lied about having to
look at it not power you have a fifty-pound opa
toward etiquette about thing formally for the time of the movie
realty combat time installed flight nothing by
company developed william and then i think one i’m talking about
people in new york ny and i couldn’t reply to all live in other buildings a
damage one very narrow kidding me effect online park avenue incredible
cranking for have you done any acting in
hollywood happy enamel mean when you get the movement i thought you were to malika promoting i
want to be a car word not only that they have been in
america every it why your impressions of the united
states wrong wonderful iraqi you needs uh… lol it maybe but there are people mobile
without reminds me of the clinton plan that anything you wanted to limit exploded that he wanted to there’s no lowell you had to go from another country what
you think of american men get notices the difference more through german women
compare favorably with american women with him for true greatness you know more about delight email notice that means the kitchen okay so and killed in the wall reciprocate but they would have been in the american
woman by the composer the previous bingo belgian billy bob a lightyear recovery going broke in your leon celebrating embankment in the
movies and he will be a very effective global and i’m going to give you a chance to
justice whom i appreciate you learn a lot of money i presume you don’t pay for things you
just arrived at the below oh w selected movies all into it and let me ask you some questions to
commit to an earlier about we need help and and and and and what
you’re thinking about okay impenetrable jam yeah holding the other than that yet data totaldollars problem pro medicated
corner or accurate thousand-dollar all yeah and you are in one hand for between
us new declined with the record lifeboat
thirty-nine that’s the problem with harry and i learned from a among many
others cargo typewriter backtracked et al advocate well your handicap one right no i wanted to know that legislator department dot but primakov a who played apparently
opposite gordon mcrae in oklahoma and character the remarry gordon mcrae in oklahoma and carousel
oil laborer jerry jones i think you know plume who is a permanent side of the rainmaker yet the prime minister opinion peacekeeping
and i’m not one of them we need probably have a look at the very
very good in your view of the court threw out the mac that one right reno or
any of your literally library act that why did you
take this category for credit at that time and time cartoon
corner eleven the helm of them and the like that very had manner like there was a lot and they
have a mod and kind heart and color incidently the greatest thing today those alec guinness electric inc back-to-work one five one wrong one room
right now i don’t get discouraged and julia malone but down a and and latin america type of fat high society is right one
right animal and died in the long running back
form factor in nineteen fifty-six part of the picture for market food mandarin you have any ordering that park that
their nineteen five there while returning the defective reply products blender already valuable one log uh… in there w operator what time what’s gone from andrew too much won an
academy award hipolito from a picture called a man who
knew too much won an academy award that’s all moon the that paper are thorough i don’t know who
did it feel to talk about movies their needed to know that people otherwise
here and you know that one-click and it and i want help what kind of an animal always carried a
rather put keep memoranda and i’m cool i’m sharon
when margaret thank anywhere for being willing to uh… that kind of nice out
there a we’ll find out of our first couple of
are preparing for the mother in just a moment rewrite what you’re doing well typically romantic where i was always a
very good at ig point spell so i was aware that pronounced egullet time yahoo probably left it’s really good okay after returning hotel see-through arguable that the that or we’ll tell you why if you are you are ola and template co-curricular yeah i got one for you how do you
pronounce n_b_c_ what happened means neurite noted about that one you depend
on n_b_c_ to bring you the best in ready and available time from banff and in the
morning and it was on the on throughout the day
andover get through the night of the day and it had to do it in nightline okay
great myyahoo red every through the night
reputed to have been on n_b_c_ radio the and alright character anything you want to
get a crack at all the money we bring out the first couple rivalries wire and
kat anderson with a combat boots it when it comes out so far decided
private and you fail you whenever the total five hundred but even that local or aguilera gonna go up to the big
money and get together and pick a number of one defendant in israel any number that i think when you pick
protected beyond the contracted by things like
that but nobody will yeah wonderful let you know the republican
national committee in the nineteen th arctic village the two thousand dollars that was a very
active democratic national committee chairman uh… o don or world riva came here to attend a parent non-politician notices boulevard emissivity lined up at five and i didn’t
do that graduations and thanks for being with and thanked guilt dr life a grand arrived in hollywood
order by going to go directed by robert one hundred estimate here’s a client that week better jordan reminding everybody can
actually same time same place here along with a on late rockville and sheetrock
to every thursday evening on n_b_c_ television you’ll back your life is heard by armed
forces around the world and for the housewife the wage earners
fences that you’re much more promontory overlooking bombarded with
new tonight on most of the than the peace

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